“Not quite people”. As the YouTube bloggers earn, soldering homeless vodka

Everything from what a decent society fled from Prime-time television, has migrated to YouTube. Treshovy content gaining millions of views and the authors become the heroes of the Internet. Is there a place for charity on YouTube and why audiences like to watch some people experiment over the other.

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Viewers of the YouTube channel ABRACADABRA.TV collected half a million roubles on the apartment of the pensioner from Vologda district, who went to the forest for fallen trees, because her pension is not enough for firewood. About the problem Valentiny Aleksandrovny subscribers learned thanks to the author of the channel to Alexander. After he made a video about how grandma shows presented to the apartment, and started a new collection, now on repair.

Alexander is frequently involved in charity work: the whole day was paid to pensioners shopping in a store, not forgetting to remove all on camera, rented an apartment to a homeless person said, has arranged its campaign against the program “let’s get married” and make it about a series. Alexander now present in the media as a videoblogger, which helps the homeless. But more recently, the same people he offered to eat raw chicken heads and locusts.

Sausage with hot sauce, vodka and locusts for 500 rubles

– That you’re a monster. Three bottles already drunk. Fourth and final, – said Alexander his hero, a homeless guy named Yuri.

– Not victory – he is responsible.

– Can’t think?

– No. Not victory, in nature say the jury clearly didn’t feel well after drank three bottles of vodka.

– Try as many as you can.

– Full stomach, nowhere else. If not eaten, it would have won.

– It will be an absolute record, this has never been done – convinces it that the experiment failed.

– Yes?

– Yes!

Yuri is still hesitant to open the fourth bottle, then Alexander adds:

– Come on, yurets, I believe.

The experiments of the homeless, “brand” content videoblogger Alexander, about whom we only know that he lives in Moscow and has two children.

More recently, on the channel ABRACADABRA.TV you can find videos: “Ate raw chicken heads for a thousand rubles utter trash”, “Ready Man, For 500 Rubles. ATE a LIVE LOCUST, 5 PCs”, “Drank 100 eggs in 2 minutes – shock”.

Alexander now had removed most of the trash content (although the videos can still be found on other channels). Only the most harmless pranks, where the author asks the homeless for 500 rubles to compete in eating thirty sausages with spicy sauce (five million views), or eat a kilogram of caviar (two million views).

– In a parcel from a relative I received two jars of black caviar and I immediately came up with a fun idea: to feed a kilo of sturgeon caviar to any bum for 500 or 1000, we’ll see. I guess that the idea may seem crazy, but I like to do things that he saw. Yes, and you will be interested to see the spectacle, explained Alexander at the beginning of the movie. Further, he said that a kilogram of caviar costs 45 thousand roubles, it will be the most expensive experiment, and asks the audience who likes his “trick”, like below the video. “Trick” like 48 thousand against 12 thousand, not to assess the experiment.

Miserable universe

According to the service Socialblade.com the approximate revenue channel ABRACADABRA.TV per month is two thousand to 36 thousand dollars.

Sergey Kokarev

– Per 1000 impressions (CPM is an indicator), according to Socialblade, the youtuber earns from 0.25 to 4 USD, final earnings, however we can not know, – said the Director of strategy Agency of media communications “April” Sergey Kokarev. – It is determined by the number of ad impressions, audience (the older and richer, the more expensive) and demand is at the moment. The amount of 2 000 USD, with 8 million hits per month, which have ABRACADABRA.TV looks more realistic than 36 thousand, as in Russia very low price for video ads. We can greatly roughen and to assume that the video blogger is averaging 800 000 hits, with one integration blogger takes 150 000 rubles per month ABRACADABRA.TV makes 8 integrations, respectively income will be approximately 1.2 million rubles. But don’t confuse revenue with blogger its profit growth requires investment in crops of commercials, writing scripts, shooting, editing and so on.

The idea to make the homeless not a new one. Them the world as it is presented on YouTube, even got a separate name – tiny universe.

One of the first who made man, living on the street, a hero of the Internet was the “Want to Eat”.

Now the channel is unavailable on the territory of Russia, but to find and watch specific videos is still possible. A series about the lives of the homeless “One day among the homeless” removes the channel Creator “Pavel Live”. He comes to visit the homeless, brings a lot of alcohol, introduces and “driving” them to the content was more “treshovym”. Pavel is notorious that his homeless character ate a live rat. Subscribers of the channel not so much – slightly more than 35 thousand, but this is enough to find advertisers and earn money.

– Those who buy integration in the video itself, of course, assess the content and potential number of hits, which will bring together video, – explains Sergey Kokarev. – The number of subscribers to adequate advertisers are generally useless value. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the number of subscribers, the channel wound of the audience. I believe that wanting to buy is in the hard rollers, as the eating of the head, will be minimal. Rather, it is some marginal stories, a La the bookies or the pyramids.

The complaints of users of YouTube can ban any content. No reason to complain nine: sexual content; violent or repulsive scenes; insults or intolerance; harmful or dangerous actions (drugs, suicide, arson); maltreatment of children; advocacy of terrorism; spam; violations of copyright or privacy.

Sergey remembers the scandal that began in 2015 and has received the name “Elzagar”. YouTube nearly three years he fought with pseudodisk content – a series of similar strange psychedelic children’s video views by 70 000 000.

– Also periodically ban is popular Prancer Edward bill. Although no eating the head is not there. It’s just not always funny, and often hard to prank in school bullying. In General, according to YouTube, automatically prohibited pornographic content, and everything else passes the filter of the audience after the fact – continues Kokarev.

From this we can conclude that the audience was quite happy with the trials of the homeless, in the style of “ready man for money.”

On the question of why such content is popular, Kokarev says: exactly for the same reason that popular top TV show in the spirit of “House-2”, “let’s get married” and most of what comes out in Prime time.

– The mass audience consumes mass product mass product is simple and filled with cheap tricks to attract attention, – says Sergey.

YouTube is big business

The news that the blogger Alexander and the audience of the channel ABRACADABRA.TV bought pensioner Valentina Alexandrovna apartment, instantly spread around the Internet. For Alexander the reputation of a man who helps the poor and homeless. But whether to call what is now engaged in the blogger, charity, if it is in the first place brings him a good income?

Pauline Colocarei

– My colleagues and I conducted a study about the socio-political blogosphere of Russia, – says the sociologist, researcher, HSE Pauline Colocarei. – For older platforms like LiveJournal and even Facebook, the format of a socially responsible blogger or even a journalist is clear: he writes the lyrics about some kind of problem. New platforms, which include YouTube, built on a business model and a media model. You have to understand that YouTube is not only the media but also big business, and people who post there are videos, too big business. They wind the likes, trying to attract people with catchy headlines. They have ethics, not journalists, who somehow brought up on the tradition, but the ethics of businessmen. If the video gives HYIP, likes, it means that it is suitable for YouTube.

Sergey Kokarev proposes to separate the work of the blogger content creation and advertising income from charitable activities.

The first is business, the second – social initiative. Blame the person that he does not give the money from advertising to help the needy, is to accuse the presenter of the First channel from some of the top of the transmission, which periodically also collect on the money that he receives his salary, and not working just.

Grigory Sverdlin

The Director of Nochlezhka Grigory Sverdlin, who for many years engaged in by the homeless, suggests that the element of education and to draw attention to the problem in these commercials are. Through the activity of bloggers this kind some may learn more about this charity, in the best case, will start to wonder why people actually fall into the street.

But these stories make me outrage and rejection, – says Gregory. Is the hype on the subject of charity, totally unacceptable.

Upsets me most is that instead of having to broadcast respect for the people who got in trouble and that this blogger, if he is a philanthropist who wants to help, he its rollers broadcasts against homeless people as experimental animals.

Well, if we can help one grandmother, but if to achieve this by such means, that person needs to understand their responsibility. A million of his subscribers, he teaches that the homeless is not quite people, get them here for fun fun.

Need to explain that the vast majority of homeless people do not dreamed of such a life and did not choose this fate. You need as many years doing the “Kip”, to show that they are different people with different fates. There are people who were on the street, becoming victims of fraud with real estate, 13% homeless, according to our statistics, graduates of orphanages. Need to tell that more than 50% of the people who lived in our rehabilitation shelter in St. Petersburg, did not return to the street, and thanks to their efforts and the help of our lawyers and social workers went back to a normal life, take shelter, go to work, raise children. It shows that the homeless can help, that’s not the castaways and not a sentence, but a temporary state.

On the one hand, in our society, in General, high levels of aggression of all to all, and with another – there are a lot of stereotypes about homeless people and many are moving towards “dehumanization”. They do not see homeless people. It’s sad, and it must be fought. Just educate and talk about specific people with specific fates is possible to deal with the situation when a person can not see the person.

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