“Not strangers” – out of the clay pit

This film is reminiscent of “Dislike” with the difference that love, scary, perverse and dangerous it still is and I think it would be better it was not quite. After all, it is worse than indifference. November 15, on wide screens the film by Vera Glagoleva “Not strangers”, which was filmed on the play by Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina “Clay pit”. About the picture says Anna Utkina.

Frame from the film “No strangers”

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This film is Vera Glagoleva shot, not knowing how much is left. She was already seriously ill. Work on the film was completed the crew. Simple story: a poor provincial town, where there are no jobs and prospects. Old mother of two adult daughters Gali and Sweet, which it tried to educate and help “to get by”. One, after a failed marriage, left with two children and married a man from Central Asia, the other comes from another city, because confused about the relationship with her lover and starts an affair with her husband’s sister.

Frame from the film “No strangers”

It seems that this is the story of a love triangle. One man and two a woman in love. It is said that the film looked Director Alexei Balabanov, wanted to make a social drama about the clash of two cultures. Vera Glagoleva has changed not only the ending of the original story. She shot another movie, his story, in which the main character becomes a higher justice, a community of people on that level, which connects us since the days of clay and ribs.

The heroes of the film, like all of us, has gone far such love as it was God’s plan. Elderly mother daughters loves and helps, but to understand them. It does not support the selection of Ghali, the wife of Rustam and condemns Mila. “Can’t you see that I I want to howl?” – says the heroine of the film, fell in love with her husband’s sister. And, sadly, the mother did not see, because when I want to howl you most – to see someone else’s pain is difficult.

Frame from the film “No strangers”

I want to howl and to Rustam, a handsome young man which had fierce war. No matter where he was in the frame, its the feeling of “I’m not on the place” felt almost physically. He feels like a stranger in town, in this family, in this life, so to love any one, nor the second woman is not capable.

It seems that genuine love is available only to his wife, she speaks of him with genuine admiration, but also that love is “ugly” in the name of the new husband Galya sends out of the house older children.

Frame from the film “No strangers”

The participation of children in this family drama seems at first almost imperceptible. They are afraid that they will be sent to the orphanage because I see that I need mother and “uncle Rustam”, I think that interfere with the grandmother. Not notice them and the characters of the drama, caught up in his difficulties. Disappearing into a “clay pit” children did not even begin to look.

This film is reminiscent of “Dislike” with the difference that love, scary, perverse and dangerous it still is and I think it would be better it was not quite. After all, it is worse than indifference. Love looking for Galina and Mila, trying to see her in hopelessness and, taking her for everything that somehow reminds of love. Love and gratitude is looking for the mother of grown daughters that don’t live up to her expectations. Rustam looking for love in the arms of foreign women. And children. Children who know how to love yet, the drunken father only remember the good things and seems to be the only in this story, any love not get, and thus they decide to escape forever.

These tiny little characters and their feelings are real, powerful, always up to date, as the love of the Apostle Paul are like over the hopelessness of a small town, maybe that’s why adults are so hard to notice it.

The unifying force of this love is the only capable of making strange family, who started a feud, people from different cultures because “you can’t cry like a typical German”.

Strong feelings, as the Supreme truth, are above any difference in education. Not strangers this power makes the characters and the audience a unifying picture in which Vera Glagoleva deliberately changed the end. Wanted to leave the audience with hope.

Vera Glagoleva for the film

Output from the clay pit was in the same place and the entrance in a desperate attempt to rescue and save the love in the godforsaken place. Where to see the higher truth is as difficult as to follow it.

Heavy but inspiring story about the Epiphany and forgiveness makes us think about what we will take with us in the clay pit, and the main thing – to believe that in the world, finally, a good Russian movie.

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