Not to think of yourself saving others – 11 lessons Dr. Lisa

25 Dec 2016 killed Dr. Lisa. And time does not heal, because the more, the more it is not enough, especially to those who knew her and those whom she helped. Today we her friends remember Elizabeth and what lessons she taught all of us his life and work.

Elizaveta Glinka

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1. To help those who needed it, with his own hands

Photo: Facebook / Anton Krasovsky

Elizabeth was never a Director of the Foundation, which sits behind a large Desk and doing something to abstract the needy on paperwork. It was “Dr. Lisa” because she treated, comforted, saved, kept in the hands of those who it could help, despite the purity of these hands.

It is not the “delegated duties”, did not compare the amount of work and effectiveness of aid, just helping here and now, and helped, in particular, the most “difficult” in human perception of categories of people: the homeless and the dying. It was a natural need for Elizabeth to be with those who her arms, her knowledge, her smile, her communication can alleviate the suffering, or rather, couldn’t do it differently.

2. Doing business of life, to put family first

Hleb and Elizaveta Glinka children

All the time and effort Elizabeth had taken her – it’s hard to find the right adjective, but let it be charity activities. From the notes of Elizabeth in her LiveJournal: before departure to Moscow found my son under the pillow is hand-written poster: “the Hospice takes away parents”…

However, to a journalist’s question about what she would do if her children need her help she does not hesitate to answer: “Go to them”. Almost every weekend the family of Dr. Lisa spent together, despite her employment. Hleb and Elizaveta Glinka lived together for 30 years.

3. To break through the wall, if it is necessary for the salvation of man

Photo: the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on development of civil society and human rights

All contacts, connections and opportunities had meaning for her only because they could alleviate the suffering of others. The more complex the task was, the more important it is for Elizabeth to decide.

4. Speak to each in his language

Elizaveta Glinka at the station. Photo: Fair use of Dr. Lisa / Facebook

Dr. Lisa was able to make contact not only with the angry man, from the point of view of society standing on the lower level and immediately earn his trust, but also to achieve cooperation from officials of the highest rank, to whom she appealed for help. It has found for each true intonation, and the result could not only help myself, but to get help from the state and business where it was needed.

5. Not to think of yourself saving others

Among the obvious dangers faced by Dr. Lisa (the shelling in the Donetsk region, communication with native speakers of infections), there were others, hidden from the General public. For example, Elizabeth helped the poor lonely old men to keep their apartments at a time when such housing is actively hunted black realtors. Because of the death threats she was forced to hire a security guard.

6. By their example, to infect those nearby

Dr. Lisa. Photo: Facebook/Anton Krasovsky

Security guard Nikolay Belyakov was one of the closest and most loyal aides, dealing with it by using dying, funerals of the poor, provision of first aid to the homeless, the removal of children from Donetsk region.

7. To understand that all people are equal before the face of death

Photo: Fair use of Dr. Lisa / Vk

Elizabeth was fond of saying that all will die sooner or later, and the difference between hispinae sick and all the rest only in the fact that in hospice I know that they will die soon. So people suffer and fear regardless of income and position in society equally, and equally worthy of compassion and support.

8. Love the ones you save

Elizaveta Glinka in Donetsk. Photo: Andrew Butko

Many professional doctors and rescue workers treat work as work, and the patients them – the object of application professional help. It is impossible to be compassionate to everyone will burn out, they say. However, Dr. Lisa has compassion for everyone. She was talking about herself, that he loves his patients. Not every doctor can say this about ourselves.

9. To take the help of any person

Dr. Lisa. Photo: Mitya Aleshkovsky

This allowed Elizabeth to solve the current problem. This was ultimately one of the main reasons for the persecution of Dr. Lisa at the end of its life: whether it is possible to alleviate the suffering of those who need it, with the help of the authorities who created or maintain such a situation in which they suffer?

Probably the right thing would be to ask those whom Elizabeth thus saved. As a rule, they have not participated in this debate – as well as Dr. Lisa, which had no time for empty talk.

10. Firmly believe that any man, regardless of his views and the previous error deserves the help

Dr. Elizaveta Glinka. Photo

Among patients of Elizabeth were different people, including the criminals, degenerate people, and so on. Those who had to bury the bag in a common grave, it is often buried at his own expense. For those who have no clothes, gave clothes and my husband. Those who had nowhere to go, blew through the house.

11. To believe that there are things worse than death

Dr. Lisa. Photo: Julia Makoveychuk

When she was asked what’s scarier, Dr. Lisa answered: bogestvenniy, rather, disagreement with Him, which seems like the only obespylivanie.

Not to be afraid and to speak on equal terms

Lana Zhurkina

Lana Zhurkina, Director of the charitable organization “friends House”

– Learn at Lisa’s was a lot, she was multi-faceted and ambiguous, sometimes her actions were entered into a stupor, but after a while it turned out that she saw deeper than the rest. That is what we are all learning years. And not always successfully. The most important thing I learned from her is to not be afraid. Neither the people nor the circumstances. Go ahead to the planned purpose, but not to stoop to meanness, to feel the pain of others, but to keep a cool head, to fight for the rights, but not to idealize it, to help the needy, but do not expect gratitude, not to fuss over the collected resources, just let them for the benefit of, to put the interests of the patient above the interests of a healthy. And not to be ashamed to be a woman: fragile, vulnerable, needing protection and support.

Tatiana Konstantinova

Tatyana Konstantinova, President of the “Fair aid Dr. Lisa” and the Director of Fund of assistance to deaf-blind “unity”

– Lisa taught me still to speak with the powerful, and those who need your help. She taught me, before saying “hold on” and “sorry”, ask “can I help you?”

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