Novice of the Valaam monastery was drowned in lake Ladoga, saving comrade

The evening of 10 November 2018 on the island, the tragedy occurred near the coast capsized boat, which were the novice of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam monastery and work, according to patriarhiei. Novice Andrey Strokin managed to swim to shore, but apparently hearing cries for help, took off his jacket and floated back, trying to save a drowning comrade.

The bodies were found on November 12. In the search operation involved the representatives of the Valaam monastery. The search was complicated by strong winds and big waves on lake Ladoga.

“No greater love than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (Jn.15:13) — said the Lord. “The novice Andrew sacrificed himself for the salvation of the neighbor, for that the Lord of all blessings but will give him the benefit of the eternal and heavenly”, — stated in the message about the tragedy on the website of the monastery..

The Governor of the Valaam monastery Bishop Trinity Pankraty announced the details of the tragedy on his page in social network Facebook: “Balaam was a trouble. Late in the evening when passing through the small Strait between the Islands of Lambos and Binny, overturned boat with two people. One of them, a novice, came out, it was near the shore, not twenty meters. But perhaps he heard the shouts of the mate, working from the Archangel carpenter brigade, who could not swim held on to the upturned boat. Dropped on rocks jacket and jumped into the icy water to help. Their bodies found today. Both name was Andrei. Mourn their untimely demise and offer condolences to the family. God rest their souls in the tabernacles of the righteous…”

According to the website of the Valaam monastery

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