Nut Federmesser: the mother of a sick child shut up there are statistics

In July mAMB disabled child Catherine Connova accused of drug trafficking for selling unnecessary drugs for epilepsy, are not registered in Russia. Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova said that according to the Agency, only 7 children in Russia need a microclyster of diazepam and other non-RF anticonvulsant drugs. Who needs “7 children die in the country” and how the systemic problems of the patients at the end of life become a one-time “mistakes” – says Nut Federmesser.

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No man – no problem. A simple and convenient formula.

And implemented this formula in Russia in unbelievable ways.

Today the manipulation with statistics lead to the fact that tens of thousands of seriously ill and so uncomfortable and distressed children and adults become invisible for the country. How so? And here is how.

If palliative care need and a half million people in the country, and the official figures give only half a million, all the systemic problems of the patients at the end of life look like just a one-time “mistakes.” There is no need to introduce the concept of health and social care, there is no need to engage in the production of pediatric forms of opioid analgesics, there is no need to create a system based on medical and social needs of these patients to procure the right amount of equipment. No need to change anything.

If in need of pain relief up to 800 thousand people, and the official statistics says about 200 thousand, so it just up to report that the problem is solved with anesthesia. And calls to the hotline of the health Ministry or the Fund “Faith” is just a statistical error.

If you say that under article 228.1 of the plant for the sale of drugs only the drug dealers, the case of Katie Connoway buying and selling diazepam in microclyster for the relief of the suffering of her child – turns into an isolated hell. But it’s a hell of mass, because thousands of moms today live under the threat of jail.

Each of them thinks about how to live her child, if she goes to jail. And every – EVERY – praying that the baby died before she did.

If every mother of a terminally ill child, who suffers from severe cramps, will clearly know that people like she and her baby, only 7 in the whole country quietly, she shut up with all their problems. Because – well, who needs 7 dying children in a country of 147 million…

Remember how it is when you are driving a toe or calf muscle it hurts? But if all the muscle? Everything, even the tongue and lips, and muscles in the back and stomach at the same time. So 20-30 times a day, and the seizures last for 20 minutes, and it’s your child, here is the one from whom you another ultrasound and they looked for heels, and felt the fingers, the one with the pink zaryblenny booty, protruding hairs on the back of his head, just like her father… And you know exactly that if he put the candle with diazepam (a muscle relaxant), the cramps go away along with the pain, and if to call an ambulance that will come to you from city 42 km live and when you arrive and will make an injection of Relanium, it only further pain from injections, lost time and oxygen starvation, and sometimes a complete lack of result.

If is safe to say that such sufferers are only 7, then problems like no…

But, you know, I never met in my life stronger and better than those mothers who cannot be cured. You look in their eyes. And think that each of us could be in their place. Each of us could so, with the long-awaited birth of the child, completely turn their lives to cross out all the dreams and plans, forget about education, losing a job, becoming the most professional and loving nurse in the world to live and to wait, when in the country will improve the system of care. And each could hear: never, you only 7.

View, is the best mom and dad in the world. Brave, kind, loving and totally fearless. Moms and dads of children, which fosters children’s program Fund “Faith” and Field service of the “House with the Lighthouse.”

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