Old, ill, on three legs – the orphanage in Kemerovo held only on the love of animals

Tatiana Medvedeva’s crying. Over her lap, clinging white-haired dog named Shura. One of the survivors in the terrible fire. “It will never be forgotten. Eyes in the sky will rise, and it’s all in the stars. Think: “Jesus, it’s now our dog.” Two years have passed. I’m on the sky still can not watch”, — Tatiana stops. In Kemerovo, in the shelter of “right”, 2 years after fire again live 300 homeless animals. It is twice more than it can hold. Many stay here until the end of life due to advanced age, disability or severe nature. But every dog and cat has the right to life.

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  • In case of fire in the Kemerovo shelter for animals killed 120 dogs
  • Dog REM rescued several dogs during a fire in the Kemerovo nursery

The cat that changed everything

Tatyana Medvedeva sitting in the kitchen of the orphanage. On the stove boil a giant pot of porridge on the table, jam and tea. We’re talking louder than usual. Behind the wall of room for the dogs, they bark — hear came someone else’s. The shelter is their home, which they guard. And Tatiana and other volunteers — hostesses.

Animals I’ve always loved, since the childhood home was carried by dogs and cats. But this was nothing special. The parents of my foundlings were somehow attached. When I became an adult, had two cat — like at all — says my companion.

Tatiana Medvedeva

Surprised to learn that she was a philologist, not a vet. Taught Russian and literature at school and then at University. He wrote a brilliant dissertation on Siberian dialects. And then picked up the third cat that changed everything.

— My students found it in the garbage can and brought it to homeroom. We are all with her feelings. It turned out that our cat — mange, and neglected: she couldn’t move from pain, the skin pulled. In the cold she injured the cornea — the pupil was dilated. Beautiful, tri-colored, young and with such a diagnosis. The vet said that the eye is not cured. Well, where it will give? The husband grumbled and calmed down. Then there was a fourth cat, hanging from a tree, the noose just managed to save her. Fifth, the wound on the side…

Tatiana admits that a few months later, she had dozens of cats. She gave them a room in the room in which she lived with her husband and young son — had. Not to save homeless animals she could not, although to keep them in his apartment was difficult.

Photo: Tatyana Medvedeva / VK

— Once the son said, “Mom, there at the entrance of the collar lies”. I went out looking – and it was the dog sank all the snow and not moving. The dog was alive. The vet diagnosed him with the plague. And you know we left it. He remained with us one-eyed old Spaniel… Thanks to him I learned to understand and love dogs. Now they’ve got five, all taken from the street. And another 150 at the shelter. They are also native.

In 2013, Tatiana Medvedeva has created a “Loyal” along with a vet Lyudmila Vasilyuk (now she is retired. — Note. ed.), teacher of French Lyudmila Rudenko and seamstress Ludmila Yeremenko. It was the first private orphanage in Kemerovo. After its establishment, Tatyana refused teaching. Worked in the shop of her husband, any time left, he said, “its a dog”.

Today the refuge remains the only case of Tatiana. However, as for her colleagues. They work here for free, paying work only two assistants.

— Mates sometimes ask: “what are you doing here? You were such a successful, promising…” But I understand that the orphanage is my life. I am here I feel happy. Don’t want to return, — says Tatiana.

One dog goes Woe, and we lost 107

Shelter “Faithful” have survived the tragedy that rattled the entire country. It was set on fire on the night of 19 September, 2016. Then he was out of town, Yagunova. Dogs lived in cages in a wooden barn, which was locked at night. On its roof threw a cloth dampened with an incendiary mix. The fire killed 107 dogs and five cats. The perpetrators were never found.

— All broke out literally in five minutes… that night was on duty Liudmyla Vasylyuk. She locked the door from the inside, as was demanded by the residents of neighboring houses — they interfered with barking dogs. Went to the trailer to change. Ran out after hearing the shots is a slate crackled in the fire. Ran up, opened the door — and the dogs do not run. They suffocated from carbon monoxide poisoning there, — says Lyudmila Rudenko, one of the leaders of the shelter. She just got back from the enclosure for big dogs — she took them for a walk and fed.

Tatiana Medvedeva’s crying. Over her lap, clinging white-haired dog named Shura. One of the survivors in the terrible fire.

— It will never be forgotten. All life before eyes will stand. The night after the fire we went to the shelter and remained on duty until the morning.

I get a wink of sleep could not. Will, eyes in the sky will rise, and it’s all in the stars. Just think, “Jesus, it’s now our dog.” Two years have passed. I’m on the sky still can not watch, Tatiana stops. Talking about it is still hard.

The next day we cleaned the body. Every dog could learn despite the fact that they burned, you know? We have seen that they are to each other snuggled up in horror, and died together, continues her Lyudmila Rudenko.

One dog gets is grief. Even if she’s old or was seriously ill. We do not understand, say: “You’re crazy, just so all react.” But the animal that lived with us for even a few months — his own favorite. It on the level of the child perceived. It hurts. And then just many to lose. And we now understand that no liability will not incur, — concludes Tatiana.

After a fire in 2016. Photo: Maxim Kiselyov / gazeta.a42.ru

The investigators conducted two examinations. They found that the fire started from the roof in the center of the barn. There was not even posting. Fragments of the rags with the remnants of the combustible substances is also found. With no witnesses. Deserted place, the outskirts of the village. Only the fishermen on the opposite shore of the neighboring lake saw flared roof. In the “Right” still don’t know what the did to the animals. Everyone knew that from Yagunova the shelter will soon move to new premises.

— Survived 33 dogs of 140. Cats we’ve lost five, 50 survived. After the fire I wanted it all to stop, to close the shelter, so it was hard, — says Tatiana Medvedeva. But the surviving animals did not let us do it. I had to restore everything for them. Moreover, the new premises has already been bought, we were going to move from Yagunova. However, it was shed — no Windows, doors and roof. But people helped us. The world we built that shelter that you now see.

In the room for pet dogs and tiled floors — easy to keep clean. Tiles of all kinds — blue and scarlet, with a pattern and without. They were brought by the inhabitants of the Kemerovo from their apartments — what’s left after the repair. Like other building materials, furniture, blankets, food and medicine… In the most difficult times of the “Faithful” have supported hundreds of people.

Photo: Shelter for homeless animals “Faithful” Kemerovo / VK

On three legs

“Faithful” is the only orphanage in Kemerovo, where taking of animals after amputation, blind and deaf. Here attain the age of older Pets, and dogs that are not able to trust the man after experienced bullying.

— We are all equal, we do not divide our subjects into “promising” and “unpromising”. Everyone has the right to life. Old, sick, with a bad character… we Have cats and dogs, which we will not be able to attach in good hands. They will spend their life with us. Euthanasia are only those animals that came to us with injuries incompatible with life — at the conclusion of veterinarian. When nothing can be done.

We have dogs with disabilities. You know, and on three legs they live a full life and want home to his family. Unfortunately, few are willing to adopt them.

Bagira black fluffy cuddles me invites to play — cheerful, active. Two years ago the former owners — the employees of the local plant — abandoned it when Bagira frostbitten paw. She was taken to the thigh. The dog quickly adapted to his new situation with ease and runs on three legs. Harder she was to experience separation from those she loved.

Bagira. Photo: Shelter for homeless animals “Faithful” Kemerovo / VK

Redhead Betty has epilepsy. Dogs tolerate it as well as people experiencing seizures between which are normal life. At the shelter care for the dog and realize that she is unlikely to acquire a family, it requires special care. But her life, while Betty is suffering from his illness.

Evil hands

Tatyana Medvedev admits that animals take the family less than before. Crowded shelter — 150 instead of 80 dogs and as many cats instead of 60. On the other hand, the requirements for potential hosts tightened.

— We give animals only under the contract. The owners need to return the animal if they can’t handle. Keep us posted if you plan on moving. Not everybody likes it. Unfortunately, it’s easier for people to bring a dog or cat to death or throw it on the street than to bring back to the shelter. For them, it is a shame, and torment of a living creature — no.

We recently had a scary situation. A year ago we took the shepherd of the Grant, a handsome, young dog. The new owners sent us pictures of him, proud of him. Then all was quiet, but we are not scared. It usually happens – life goes on. “Faithful” was attached to thousands of animals of all it is impossible to control. Like a bolt from the sky — Wake the neighbors: “See that dog suffering, could not walk, not eat.”

Photo: Alexander Patrin

We took the Grant, was taken to the clinic. It turned out that the dog was a perforation of the eardrum. He was a simple otitis media, which the owners treat did not. In the end, the infection has reached the brain. Imagine the anguish experienced dog! We collected money for the medical treatment in Novosibirsk. As a result, the dog did not survive — in the voice of Tatiana’s pain and hurt for the hosts, who did not help the dog when it was still possible to save.

Animals often return to the shelter. Not immediately, but after a few years home, happy life. For cats and especially dogs is a terrible shock.

— Pick the animal up, smiling: “Yes, we need cat-mousetrap, we’ll love”. A year later call: “We’re moving, take it away.”

Put before the fact, they say, will not come — will be put on the street. So we stopped to give our Pets in other cities of the Kemerovo region. Not to risk it.

Most of the inhabitants of the shelter are already affected by people. Garik was taken away from his owner-the butcher with the police. However, as max shepherd dog was so emaciated that he could not stand on his feet. Now the dog became a handsome man. He trusted Tatiana lets her caress and even gives a paw, although I was afraid of people.

Photo: Daria Cologne

“You just do it?”

“Faithful” takes up to 200 phone calls a day. Unfortunately, we often call those who want to give here a dog or cat, not to take the animal home. And now Tatiana Medvedeva picks up the phone and patiently explained to the interviewee that could not accept her chosen puppy. Toddlers are susceptible to infections that can kill adult dogs. For their maintenance requires special conditions that are not present here. But people often do not understand.

— We do not have enough seats. In the pens we keep two or three dogs, that’s a lot. But still sometimes accept beginners — when there is no alternative. Happy, sometimes we receive calls from people who find animals on the street and take. We are asking how to look, what to do next. We advise because we know all the vets in town, all the clinics, behavior of stray cats and dogs, — says Tatiana.

Photo: Daria Cologne

Volunteers at the shelter are not enough. Regular only two — Nastya and Olga. The rest come sporadically — from schools, universities and colleges, as well as private companies. Unfortunately, they can’t unload the employees “Loyal”, because few know about his work. But cooperation with them is Tatiana Medvedeva and her colleagues still do not give up.

— Many leaving from here due to understanding the fate of our animals, even cry. Not everyone knows that had to endure our dogs and cats.

When I see the response in the hearts of children, you know that all is not in vain. Therefore, we gladly accept their help, even on the tour invite, — says Tatiana.

The shelter is raising funds to feed, medicines and treatment of Pets. The largest invoice from the veterinary clinic. Every beginner needed medical help and surgery: castration or sterilization. Besides, in the “Right” to live dogs and cats with chronic diseases. The private shelter to pay a fee to pay for light, water, coal for the stove is also a considerable amount. Tatiana Medvedeva and her colleagues traditionally save on your salary, simply not charging it. They help animals only for love.

Photo: Alexander Patrin

— I often have to leave in a taxi — released later, and around the industrial area, dark, — says Tatiana Medvedeva. — I once asked the driver: “you Have that shelter here?” Agreed. He was silent the whole way, and when planted, could not resist: “tell me Honestly, why do you need it? The same can not be to the love of animals?” Can! It only keeps.

To learn about the work of the shelter and its needs in the group Vkontakte.

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