Older sister with cerebral palsy have saved my brother’s life

Gabi Shull was only 9 years old when doctors discovered she had bone cancer. She went through a leg amputation and 12 courses of chemotherapy, but never lost his love for dancing. Due to the strength and perseverance she went back to dance class. This and other good news – in the collection “Pravmir”.

Lexi. Photo: Twitter / Heather Butts

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Lexi has cerebral palsy and that did not stop her to save his brother

Girl with cerebral palsy was able to save the life of his one-year-old brother, told the portal Aleteia.

When the mother and grandmother of the girl preparing to celebrate her ninth birthday, her little brother Leland quietly opened the door to the courtyard and fell into the pool. Fortunately, it saw his older sister. Lexi is unable to walk or talk, but she was able to scream, to draw the attention of adults and to show the pool.

Grandma lexi, Nancy Como-Drysdale out of the house and immediately found the boy in the pool. Leland pulled out and showed the doctors now to its health threatens nothing.

“I hugged Lexie, I cried and still grateful to her, because in this situation, even two seconds are important,” – said her mother.

She also added that her son had never opened that door.

Photo: Twitter / Heather Butts

The girl thanked him for the salvation of man by a representative of the regional branch of the police, soon to be awarded in the city hall.

“Go through chemo. Learn how to walk. But then again you can dance”

Gabi Shull was 9 years old when, in 2011, she skated and fell awkwardly on his right leg. The pain is not passed and doctors began to worry. The MRI showed that she had osteosarcoma – bone cancer.

Girl amputated part of his leg and held rotational plastic. She removed the middle part of the leg, including the knee and the healthy ankle attached to the hip. This allows the girl to use her foot as a knee joint.

This operation is rarely carried out even in the US – only 10-12 case per year. But the success of the Gaby may encourage other patients who require amputation, choose this option.

Photo: Instagram / gabishull

Mom Gabi Debbie Shull says that they are just scared how it will look leg girls after the surgery. In reality, she said, when the girl in the prosthesis (and she takes it just before bedtime), no one sees her leg.

“I just said to myself: “Go through chemo. Learn how to walk. But then again you can dance,” said Gabi about yourself in an interview. She went through an amputation and 12 courses of chemotherapy, then spent a year learning to walk again.

The next top was the return to dance class. At first after surgery concerts of his Studio Gabby played with other girls in a wheelchair. Soon did for her special prosthesis, thanks to which Gabby can dance along with the other.

Two years ago, she attracted the attention of the owner of Synergy dance Academy, Kari Herman. “It’s amazing to watch her. I wanted my dancers met with her to and I felt her inspiration, and saw its resistance. I want them to have learned this lesson, so they can grow up as good dancers and understand that it is possible to overcome any difficulties in life.”

Photo: Barcroft Media

The first instructor Zumbe with down syndrome

Julissa Rescoring was born in Peru, in the first minutes of life she was diagnosed with down syndrome. From early childhood she loved music and dancing.

In 2003 her family moved to the United States. Julissa learned to speak English and became actively involved in sports. The girl played football, basketball, baseball, went swimming, rode on roller skates.

In 2008 Julissa came to my first Zumba class in 2008. ZUMBA is a dance fitness program based on the popular Latin American rhythms.

After the second class have Ulissi I had a dream once to become a certified Zumba instructor. To realize it, she was training for 6 hours daily for 4 consecutive years.

In 2012 Julissa finally achieved its goal – she became the first certified teacher with down syndrome in Zumbe. Now she leads several groups in San Francisco, including for people with disabilities.

“Most of all I love sharing your passion”, – the girl told reporters. “I like to see people smile and dance with me. I feel happy when I help other people. And I love that I can say – I teach Zumba!”.

“Julissa faced many challenges in life – learn to walk, to talk. But the biggest obstacle for her was the fact that many people do not believe in it. Through their own perseverance and the efforts she had made her. And she showed that Yes she CAN,” says about her mother Marlene.


And the first Russian dance instructor with down syndrome then became Laysan Zaripova. Leysan, 22, is the first Russian instructor with down syndrome dance Zumba Fitness. Leysan is eligible to teach worldwide, she has numerous awards for victories in dance competitions.

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