On Khortitsa consecrated a new Church in honor of St. Spyridon of trimythous

The consecration of the Church in honor of St. Spyridon on the island of Khortytsia

In the diocese of Zaporozhye on Khortitsa island was consecrated a temple in honour of Saint Spyridon, Bishop of trimythous.

25 December 2018, in day of memory of the Saint, a new Church was consecrated Metropolitan of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Luke, the press service of the diocese.

Congratulating all with the consecration of a new Church, the Archbishop wished to become a school of virtue, the place where people can not only be cleansed from your sins, but learn to do good, to multiply good and to overcome evil lives in the world of God and lived according to the laws of God.

In his sermon the Hierarch reminded the believers, why build temples of God.

“Often such questions are asked by people far removed from Orthodoxy, and from God. But only one with such people can agree: God does not need temples. God is all there. He doesn’t need anything. Temples we need, – all those whom the Savior has revealed the truth about what people need,” – said the Hierarch.

According to Bishop, we must understand that Christ came to us not in order to say what God wants and what we need: “Can you imagine that here on earth there was the peace of God not our desire to become better, become kinder, more merciful, without love for his neighbor? But for this, and there are temples. Only here can a person be purified from his sins, from all the impurity that prevents us from living in peace and harmony, stop to build the world of God.”

“How much iniquity around us, created by human vices, human cruelty and human stupidity. But can the temple of God heal stupidity? Of course, it can. Not only the temple itself, as the building of glass and concrete, and those Sacraments, which hath wrought, – all that is happening under its arches by the power of divine grace. Yes, churches will never replace no schools, no hospitals or kindergartens. But they don’t have to replace them. As no one and nothing can replace the Church, which speaks of the need to comply with the laws of God, and chief among them – the law of love,” he said.

“Nobody in our society speaks of love for one’s neighbor? On the contrary, everything is done in order to sow enmity and hatred. Every step, every decision those in power only reinforces civil strife, exacerbating the confrontation on the basis of historical memory, which for us is inextricably linked with the faith of our fathers and grandfathers. To betray the faith today means to lose memory and turn into mankurts. We often hear from opponents to the construction of temples that you can pray at home. Yes, the house can and should pray. But to celebrate the divine Liturgy, the sacrament of the Eucharist, the sacrament of Confession and receive other sacraments? They are conducted only by priests and only in the temples,” – said in conclusion, the Metropolitan Onions.

As reported by the SPM, in the Zaporozhye diocese began preparations for the traditional charity “Alexander Balu” for Orthodox youth, which can participate parishioners of the UOC of the various dioceses.

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