On mount Athos in the near future to discuss the “Ukrainian question”.

Mount Athos

According to media reports, the Athonite monks condemn the policies of Patriarch Bartholomew I in Ukraine and are going to speak about it at session of the sacred Kinot in January-February.

“Many Athonite monks have a very negative attitude to the actions of the Patriarch of Constantinople in Ukraine. But no official decision on this issue yet”, – told RIA Novosti source close to the main administrative body of the Holy mountain Athos.

The exact date of the meeting on the “Ukrainian question” is unknown, but the discussion could take place in January-February.

Speaking about the further reactions of the Athos elders at Tomos Ukrainian schismatics, the interlocutor of the Agency suggested that the Holy mountain will take a break and will not immediately go out from the jurisdiction of Patriarch Bartholomew. Most likely, the Athonite monks “just don’t subscribe to this solution, condemn the decision of Constantinople,” he added.

To date, the Ukrainian Tomos categorically did not recognize Russian, Polish, Serbian Orthodox Church. Spoke negatively also the primates of Antioch and Cyprus Orthodox Churches. Hierarch of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, visited a few days in Kiev, said that what is happening in the Ukraine around Thomas – just incredible.

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