On the eve of the Association: a mass brawl between the UOC-KP and the UAOC under Ternopil

“Archbishop” Tikhon, the UAOC Petranyuk

The reason for the fight was “Bishop” of the UAOC to declare a decree on the prohibition in the service of his former “cleric”, passed to the Kyivan Patriarchate.

6 December 2018 in the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin in the village of Vyniatyntsi Ternopil region between “Archbishop” Tikhon, the UAOC and Petranka parishioners headed by a “rector” John Boyko was a fight.

The occasion was the Decree banning the “father” of John in the service of the UAOC, said “20 minutes”. The ward two months ago I replaced a jurisdiction moving from the UAOC in Kyiv Patriarchate. This fact was the reason of the ban quickly.

To read the decree, “the Bishop” of the UAOC came to the temple during worship. Parishioners were outraged by his act and shut down before the “Archbishop” Tikhon the doors of the temple.

However, the threats and call the police “hierarchs” did not stop, he entered the Church and began to read out his decree. In response, the believers took away the “lords,” a stick, broke it and rushed into the fray. All this happened in front of young children.

“Archpriest,” John was the result of the accident a concussion and fractured ribs.

The victim filed a lawsuit in the state of emergency in Ternopil region statement of causing him bodily injuries.

According to father John, he more than 2 months is subordinate to the “Bishop” of the UOC-KP Pavel Kravchuk. “Lord” Paul the situation did not react in any way.

“We addressed for the comment to Bishop Paul. He has refused to respond to this situation, but confirmed the fact of belonging to the parish of the Dormition of the virgin in the village of Vyniatyntsi zaleschitsky district of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, – said the representatives of the UAOC. – Also, Bishop Paul said that the report was sent to his Holiness Patriarch Filaret”.

About vozmozhnoti such conflicts between the UAOC and the UOC-KP in October of this year, warned political analyst Kirill Molchanov. “So conflicting relations Macarius and Filaret I even doubt that their representatives can gather in one room,” he said.

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