On the facade of the main Church of Barcelona has established a triumphant 18-ton cross – Your Bible

On the facade of the passion of Christ in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona appeared a massive cross of stone, reports the Christian megaportal invictory.com with reference to noticia.ru

Creu-Gloriosa is a giant structure, weighing 18 tons. The cross height is 7.5 m and a width of 4.25 m. the Cross rises above the portico and the arrangement of the 36 hexagonal prisms 18 columns.

During work on the installation of a new facade traffic on the street Sardegna was partially closed. With the help of a crane, the cross was hoisted on to the platform, while experts noted the complexity of this operation in connection with the volume and the shape of the cross.

Is the triumphant cross, and there is no image of Christ. He appears in the descriptions to the original project of Antonio Gaudi and can be seen in the first sketches of the architect for the Passion façade, which dated from 1892 year.

As reported sedmitza.ru the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, whose construction began in 1882 on private donations. He is one of the main attractions of Barcelona. In 2010 the Church was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI, declared good enough to make Church services and received the title of papal Basilica Minor.

It is expected that construction work can be completed in 2026 — the 100th anniversary of the death of the author of the project of construction of the temple of Antonio Gaudi. As noted by the architect Jordi Fawley construction budget of the temple is about €25 million a year. Fawley also told us that for the construction used a technique that “has never before been involved in the work of such a scale.”

According to the architect, the tower of Christ will be of 172.5 meters. This figure was not chosen randomly — Gaudi conceived his creation so that it does not exceed the height dominating the Barcelona 180-meter hill of Montjuic. The height of the remaining five towers will be 135 meters. The architect dreamed that the Cathedral will be “the highest religious building in Europe.”


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