On TV channel “Spas” starts a new season


15 September on TV channel “Spas” starts a new season. Several premieres will be aired in the first weeks of autumn – multi-part road movie, stories for kids with Anna Kovalchuk, user adoption, project Nikolai Valuev, the nightly news program, a social talk show, and a fascinating theological project. Almost all of them are in the new Studio channel!

Wide glowing arches, chandeliers like modern elements of panikadilo, lightboxes, reflecting the sacred images, interactive screens – the designers of project Studio of TV channel “Spas” managed to convey the modern techniques of the atmosphere and the sense of the sacred space.


Not coincidentally, one of the first programs, which “Saved” will be broadcast from the new Studio will be a “Testament” is a daily educational talk show in which the detail is reconstructed the world of the Scriptures. This is an attempt to convey to the viewers the story of the gospel fascinating simple language, to “revive” the world of the gospel by using artifacts, interactive maps, rich iconography and reportage shots. Program participants – historians, biblical scholars, clergy, as well as celebrity guests. The program starts September 17.

The scale on the idea and implementation of the project “Relics of Russia” – the program-a journey in which Anton and Victoria Makarska will tell about the Orthodox shrines, as well as share tips on organizing your own journey: how to reach, where to stay and eat, how to build a tourist route, etc. the shooting of the program took place in Novgorod, Pskov, Leningrad regions, Karelia and other regions of the country.

One of the most well-known Actresses, the talented Anna Kovalchuk, a mother of two children, the new season will be start my own talk show “the Mysteries of fairy tales.” With their children leading to understand the meaning of works, including not only tales, but stories, parables, riddles and, of course, Bible stories. The programme will go out on the weekends.

Another premiere project for prospective adoptive parents “I want a baby”. This is the first program on domestic television, which tells about positive experiences of families who have adopted children, orphans and different aspects of adoptive parenting. The program raised critical questions about the mystery of adoption, the return of children from families on interaction with the state. In addition, each issue tells the story of a child trapped in an orphanage, a kind of video form in which and the age and state of health of the pupil, as he learns and how to get involved. Potential parents saw the program, can get full information about the whereabouts of the child. Transfer “I want a baby” will come out on Sunday afternoons. First edition – September 22.


On the same day on air of TV channel “Spas” will project worldwide known boxer Nikolay Valuev “the power of the spirit.” The name of the program speaks for itself. Life often tests our strength, but only a strong spirit can’t be broken, they confidently go towards your goals, each time setting new goals. The Valuev – athletes, those people who every day have to deal with the difficulties: heavy physical exercise, psychological stress in the relationship with the team, coach, and, of course, the rivalry in the competition. They know exactly how to overcome the frustrations of injuries and the illness star when you win. Among the guests of the program – Vyacheslav Fetisov, Svetlana Zhurova, Svetlana Masterkova, albert Demchenko, Maria Kiseleva, John Monson, and others.

For the first time on TV channel “Spas” will appear and news. Nightly news program “New day” let me remind you that the ecclesiastical day begins in the evening, and will reveal not only the Christian view on the current events of the country and the world, but another world of life of the people of the Church.

Evening Prime will complete a new talk show Elena Goal “To the point” is not still “Saved. Live”. Here uncut and in full voice will sound answers to the most pressing issues of today’s world and challenges our country and the Church.

Information on release dates and other projects of TV channel “Spas” are available on the website www.spastv.ru.

Contacts with PR-service of the TV channel “SPAS”: Tatiana Leonenko, 8 (965) 218 78 88, e-mail: [email protected]

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