One thought says, you are a Saint, another: you won’t be saved, both from the enemy. The wisdom and simplicity of Saint Silouan the Athonite

Deacon Paul Sergeants surprised is characteristic of all great men the ability to combine the wisdom and simplicity, which fully grasped the monk Silouan.

Saint Silouan

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Eternal dream of mankind

Deacon Paul Sergeants

People are looking for wisdom. Good job. Wise words helps in trouble.

The words of another wise sound bizarre, is unclear. Their meaning emerges too quiet, like grass in the spring gushes out of the frozen earth. A lot of patience you need to wait for them to come to an understanding.

But other wise people are able to spread the truth as on a palm, it is at one point seen. Such amazing wisdom beamed the monk Silouan. Pure wisdom in the frame of the precious simplicity and undeniable evidence. I’m slightly below is the word of Silvanus, I promise…

Monk Silouan led a secret recording of them. After his death, the record saw the light of day, through the efforts of persistent and grateful disciple of Silvanus.

These records almost all on the Christian life. They are not made just anywhere, but on mount Athos. What did you think about the elder Silouan in solitude and in the midst of the brethren? He came to mount Athos to rescue a soul. About salvation and thought. On mount Athos made the feat all the hosts of monks. Some of them are made up of Holiness, someone here has not found the most important thing…

Doing monks at the famous monastic mountain in many ways. Monasteries are for each of obedience, himself, Silvanus, for example, was the economy. Translated into modern language: it is the organizational-economic work is the external work. And domestic work is not forgotten. In what it consisted? One word can not describe. Partly the inner work of the elder Silouan was in possession of one’s thoughts.

There are people have these thoughts – put simply, these thoughts – which hinder escape. Sometimes the sinful thoughts are not easy to discern, it is hard from them to get rid. Not easy, but necessary. That’s why monks are so concerned about purity of thought, not only about the purity of the committed deeds and spoken words.

The monk Silouan left a cautionary record of thoughts. I’ll get her:

“Remember two thoughts and fear them. One says: you are a Saint, another: you won’t be saved. Both of these thoughts are from the enemy, and there is no truth in them. But think this way: I am a great sinner but the Lord is Merciful, He loves people and will forgive me my sins”.

In this experience the exhibit and was reflected wisdom.

Pride and discouragement

Imagine the scene: a monk lived for years in Svyatogorsky monastery, walks in obedience, praying for the services in the temple and after a long time in the cell, malnourished, sleep deprived. As something comes to him the thought: “You are Holy”. At the appointed time comes, after some good godly things.

“You came here to touch the Shrine. Rejoice, your labors have not been sterile. You, a monk, has touched this treasure, the Shrine of mount Athos has made you Holy” softly and earnestly whispers the thought. It is thought veiled pride. Monk strongly predoslovie: “No. I am a great sinner, but Lord have mercy forgive me the sins.”

Sometimes the monks attack and completely on the other side. “You have come to Athos to venerate the Holy object. He became a monk, many years trying for the salvation of souls, but still not feel shrines. She’s here, you live right in the middle of the Shrine, but you never courted her. And, admit it, never stagesi. By your wickedness, the Lord had closed your path to the skies” – here his voice sinful thoughts of depression.

The monk in response repents and prays: “I am a great sinner. Lord God, You love people, forgive my sins.”

Elder Silouan wisely talks about the thoughts and avoids two extremes: unhealthy optimism and morbid pessimism. Avoiding the actions of the two the root of the insidious passions of pride and discouragement.

What simple words of Silvanus, and what an amazing wisdom in them!

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