Opened in Moscow Historical, cultural and educational center of the announce of the “Cathedral of Commerce”


In the Orthodox St. Tikhon humanitarian University, a Historical-cultural and educational center of St. Tikhon’s University “Cathedral of Commerce”. There will be lectures on the history, theology and Christian culture, concerts of classical and spiritual music, and tours of the permanent exhibition of the Moscow diocesan house, said the expert tour service of St. Tikhon’s University Andrey Ivanov.

The Moscow diocesan house was built in 1902, with the blessing of the future Hieromartyr Metropolitan Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) “for a good cause spiritual enlightenment”. At the time of the Diocesan house was a centre of spiritual and cultural life of Moscow.

In 1917-18 in the Moscow diocesan house passed the local Council, which restored the Patriarchate and elected the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia of St. Tikhon. In the Soviet years the Diocesan house was rebuilt many times, its appearance was changed beyond recognition.

In 2004 the building was returned to the Russian Church, and by the year 2015 has been completely restored to its original form. The blessing of the Patriarchs Alexy II and Cyril now, here is St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University.

According to the specialist organization of excursions, religious issues, Andrei Ivanov, the project of the “Cathedral of Commerce” – is, above all, the revival of traditions of the Moscow diocesan house. “This is an educational activity which involves the holding of concerts, lectures and thematic exhibitions focused on a wide audience. All these areas will complement each other,” he explained.

“Recently, we have tested the new format. August 30, after the excursion to the Museum of memory of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia, first-year students of St. Tikhon’s University was able to listen to the lecture the Director of the Memorial scientific and educational center “Butovo” Igor Garkavy. The lecture was dedicated to the phenomenon of historical memory, – said Andrey Ivanov. – There is a very important fact: the temporal distance in 70-80 years for the historical memory of the period is critical. Usually by this time left living witnesses, and if there are no serious efforts to create places of memory, memorials, memory dies. For the Russian Church of the twentieth century was a time of unprecedented challenges. The Church survived at the price of a feat of new martyrs and Confessors”.

Part of the Historical, cultural and educational center of the announce of the “Cathedral of Commerce” will be the Museum of memory of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia. For this reason, the current exhibition of the Museum will undergo change, says an expert.

“In terms of exhibition space will house permanent exhibitions on the history of the Diocesan, Holy Patriarch Tikhon and the heroism of the martyrs, the other part will be equipped for temporary exhibitions. So, on 24 September in the framework of the Festival culture of the Renaissance will open the first such exposure. Interactive exhibition “the Age in miniature” will give a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the miniatures of the manuscripts of the Italian Renaissance, the originals of which are stored in the famous library, the Ambrosiana, – said Andrey Ivanov. – However, soon those interested will still be able to participate in free guided tours of the Museum, which will be held in the month of September”.

The Museum was founded at the end of 2017. His exposition is devoted to the history of the Russian Church in the XX century, spiritual life under persecution for the faith and heroism of the new martyrs – bishops, priests, monks and laymen who remained faithful to the Church. The exhibition includes archival documents and photographs, corrupted icons and liturgical items, as well as personal belongings of the people subjected to repression.

To schedule a free tour of the Museum of memory of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia here:

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