The Christian broadcasting network is helping people all over the world. Including children like those seven year old twin girls in Guatemala. Without the help of the Ministry CBN’s “Operation blessing” they for life would have remained blind.

“We see only what is near. We do not see anything further. We notice that slanem, and we often have a headache. We can’t even get ten steps from the kitchen to the bedroom. Sometimes we think we will have to leave school,” — cried one of the sisters.

Alba and Abelia twins. Now girls for seven years, and they lost 90% of vision. Soon they will live in complete darkness. The family tried to cure the daughters of folk remedies.

“We were hoping to break the curse with girls, rubbing their eyes raw fish, says their mother. But it didn’t help”.

And then a simple operation, organized by “Operation blessing” that changed everything.

“I didn’t see it, but now I see all” — smiling girl.

“I see coconuts at the top of the tree. I see your hands and all the animals that pass by. I’d like to see the trees, birds, cows. Now I see a horse, when dad puts me on her” — picks up her sister.

“Thank you “Operation blessing” for my healthy eyes. I thank God and pray that He will bless you,” says one of the girls who have been healed.

“Thank you, “Operation blessing”. Be blessed,” — thanked the organization mother.

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