Coffee lovers in Washington, who visit the coffee shop “Ebenezers” may be surprised to know that every order help the youth of the district. This place sells “Coffee business”.

Most trendy cafés tell you about the sorts their beans, how they roast or free vayfay, but not this.

“Our slogan is “Coffee with the case,” says the Barista Troy Stevens.

“This is a “business” — the work of the Kingdom of God,” reveals the secret coffee shop mark Batterson, senior pastor of the Church “the National Community”.

All because every Cup in the coffee shop “Ebenezers” is one of the Washington Church.

In 1988 this building was a diner. It was situated opposite the railway station and served the train passengers. Subsequently, the shop closed, and at some point abandoned building even served as a drug den. It was not until 2006 until intervened the Church “the National Community”.

“We turned the den in a coffee shop, and I think all this backstory is not just an interesting story, and a picture of what I believe God is doing in our lives. It concerns what is broken and brings healing,” says pastor mark Batterson.

And this house fit perfectly in a coffee landscape of Washington.

“Visitors think that in the normal coffee shop. But in reality, they are an answered prayer. We actually took this idea from Scripture, want – believe, want – no. After all, Jesus never spent his time in the synagogue, He often visited wells. In ancient times it was customary to gather at the wells to communicate. Coffee is a postmodern wells”, continues mark Batterson.

This “postmodern wells” serves thousands of people a year, and all the profit goes to the missionaries.

“I like it, for which funds are used. Is to support the missionaries and continued the work of Christ,” says the visitor to the coffee shop Kevin wood.

“One mission aims to help the new generation to strengthen their faith. Partly thanks to the sale of coffee will soon open the “DC Dream Center” to inspire children and help them to reach their potential from God,” says Ben Kennedy.

“People are once again beginning to dream, when you see this new building. I hear this all the time. People come in and say: “Mr. Ernest, this is for us? Is it really for us?” I said, “Yes, this is for you, it’s for the community, this is what the Lord has done,” says the Minister, “the DC Dream Center” Ernest clover.

In the center there is a basketball platform for strengthening friendship and teamwork. It can also be used as a place for meetings and even prayers. This prayer can continue in a new classroom, dance Studio, computer lab and a rooftop with views of Capitol hill. And all this is free for children in need.

“This is our wall of dreams. We want people to either a recorded dream, or prayed about the dream, or become part of the dreams that they read here,” says Ernest clover.

And every visitor plays a role, because its purchase helps a needy child to find the path to faith.

“They need to hear it. “What? God did this for me? I never thought,” continued the Minister, Ernest clover.

“I brought one formula: the Holy Spirit plus caffeine equals class!” says pastor mark Batterson.

And it really is class!

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