Orthodox bishops of South America had contributed to the prevention of the legalization of abortion

August 9, the Argentinean Senate voted against the bill, which provides for the legalization of abortion in pregnancy up to 14 weeks. The consideration of the bill was accompanied by a broad public discussion in which participated representatives of the Orthodox Church.


They also contributed to the hierarchs of the ROCOR and the Serbian Orthodox Church, who recourse to prayer on the prevention of the legalization of abortion in Argentina. Thus, on 5 August in the Serbian Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy virgin in Buenos Aires at the divine Liturgy, Bishop of Caracas and South America John (ROCOR) and Bishop of Buenos Aires, Central and South American Cyril (SPTS) prayed on the prevention of legalization of infanticide.

Both argyreia also signed a special “Declaration of the Orthodox Church against abortion”, which says in part: “the Orthodox Church argues that life begins from the moment of conception. As Orthodox, we believe that the Divine Logos came to incarnate in a human body of Jesus from the moment of conception (LK. 1: 26-38); and that Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of the virgin Mary, indicates that the babe leaped joyfully in the womb (Luke 1:44), when she heard the sound of the voice of the virgin Mary.

Abortion kills a living human, helpless, innocent, having the right to life. In addition, the embryo, which germinates in the womb, is not part of the mother’s body, is another body that has its own DNA and, therefore, different from the mother. The mother can not decide on your kid’s life in the womb, because he is a man other than her, alive from conception, and therefore has the same right to live as she is.”

The Declaration expressed the understanding of the complexity of the problem in those cases when parents are unable to support the child or when it comes to pregnancy out of wedlock nesovershennoletnih. Representatives of the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Churches, in its statement said that to assist such parents and to make every effort in their abhorrence of murder should as a family, Church community and society as a whole.

Also met Bishop Cyril Monsignor Ojea (Roman Catholic Church), during which the bishops Cyril and John were invited to attend as honored guests at the solemn mass in the Cathedral of Argentina to the day of the final debate on the legalization of abortion.

On the same day on the square in front of the Argentine Congress held Orthodox March with the participation of clergy and laity. People were carrying the icons and banners “For life”, which depicted the meeting of St. Elizabeth with the virgin.

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