Orthodox Prayer book translated into the Tajik language


At the end of June 2018, has completed the translation of “a Brief Orthodox prayer book” into Tajik language, the press service of the Commission for missions and catechesis at the Diocesan Council of Moscow. The collection includes morning and evening usually (mostly) as well as the prayers of the Successor for Holy Communion with a brief review on the preparation for the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The translation of the prayer book made in the framework of the project on the organization of the “Social centre of assistance to migrants,” the Commission on the missionary work and catechization of Moscow.

“Funds for the transfer were collected by the missionary circle in honor of St. John of Shanghai, the incumbent at the Church in honor of St. Euphrosyne, Grand Duchess of Moscow, at the Kotlovka” – said the project leader, deacon Dionysius Grishkov. As reported by father Dionisy, the prayer book will be published with the support of the parish.

In the near future to begin the translation into the languages of the countries of Central Asia, passages from the Catechism, “the faith of the saints” of St. Nicholas Serbian, catechetical words for converts from Islam, a short Liturgical compilation of missionary leaflets.

Link to the project: http://nachinanie.ru/Project/Index/76287

The project is realized by charitable means. To help everyone can.

Contacts project leader: deacon Dionysius Grishkov, 8 962 939 08 02, [email protected].

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