Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” starts the summer campaign of helping the needy


In summer, the Orthodox service “Miloserdie” notes the traditional decline in donations for charitable projects and encourages people to support people who need regular help.

“Every year with the onset of summer the number of donations for our service starts to decrease significantly. But our grandmothers and bedridden disabled persons in Holy Spiridonievsky hospice the holidays there for them need constant care, says Executive Director of “Mercy” Anna belavina. We very much want to over the summer, they have increased as many new friends who are willing to support the life of the poorhouse”.

Holy Spiridonievsky hospice the sisters of mercy provide continuous professional care for the elderly. Now in the Holy Spiridonievsky hospice the live 18 gravely ill patients. To subscribe to regular donations in favor of the trust almshouses on the site of service of assistance “Mercy”.

In addition to the almshouses in need of support other service project “Mercy” — St. Dimitry children’s centre. Since 2000, the centre worked as a children’s home in 2016 orphanage was reorganized and is currently working as a free kindergarten for the children of graduates of children’s homes or from large families, families in crisis, children with developmental disorders.

“The children’s center changed the format relatively recently and have not had time to acquire the necessary number of friends who would be able to provide the center’s confidence in the future, explains Anna belavina. Autumn recruited new preschool play group of 10 children, and so they could fully engage, the centre now needs help.”

Teachers of the St. Dimitry children’s center daily work with children from large families, families in difficult life situations, children with special needs. The main objective of the center is prevention of social orphanhood, socialization and rehabilitation of children from families in crisis, as well as unloading of the parents. To subscribe to regular donations to the centre on the site of service of assistance “Mercy”.

Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” is a 26 social projects to help various categories of the poor: orphans, the disabled, lonely elderly people, homeless, women in crisis and others.

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