Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” will hold charitable action “Mercy on the run”


23 September 2018 Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” with the support of the Moscow marathon will hold a charity event “Mercy on the run”, according to the Diocese of the city of Moscow with reference to Diakonia.

Share “Mercy on the run” is a “Charity” for the third year in a row. The meaning of the action lies in the fact that the participants in the marathon raise funds for the wards of service “Mercy” — children with disabilities, the homeless, the lonely hospital patients, who need care and concern. In 2017 in the action took part 190 runners, thanks to which managed to collect about 1.5 million rubles on the work of several social projects service of assistance “Mercy”.

To become a participant of “Mercy on the run”, you need to register yourself on the website of the “Moscow marathon” and complete the questionnaire on the website “Mercy on the run”. Talking in social media about his preparation for the race, the runner offers to support him by making a donation on the campaign’s website.

This time the “Charity” hoping to raise about two million rubles on support of four service projects Mercy: St. Sophia homes for children and adults with disabilities, “Elizabethan garden” is the only Moscow kindergarten for children with severe cerebral palsy, “the Hangar of salvation” for the homeless, and single patients of the First City hospital, assisted by nurses and volunteers.

If the command “Mercy on the run” will collect the necessary amount, the particular children will be able to 438 hours of training sessions with the teacher defectologist, 310 days training in a developmental center, seriously ill — 2500 hours care, and “the Hangar of salvation” for 40 days will be able to accept people in distress.

“Moscow marathon” — the most numerous race in Russia. In 2017 it was attended by over 20,000 people.

Today, the Orthodox service “Mercy” is among the ten largest charity organizations of Russia. Here in a year receive a one-time assistance to approximately 30,000 people. Constant care services more than 1,500 elderly, children and adults with disabilities, orphans, the poor. Among the 26 social service projects “Mercy”: the crisis center “Home for mothers”, Centre of the family unit, Holy Spiridonievsky hospice, rehabilitation Centre for children with cerebral palsy, St. Sophia’s social house and other.

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