Orthodox Tatars took part in the Moscow city-wide holiday-2018


In Moscow Park “Kolomenskoye” on July 21, 2018 hosted by the Tatar-Bashkir Chuvash-holiday Sabantuy. It traditionally took an active part Orthodox Tatars, primarily activists of Moscow and Bashkir Tatar Orthodox Christian communities. Orthodox Tatars put up my tent-the tent with the title “Orthodox Tatar — Kryashens”, whose walls are made in the form of the main Christian prayers and motifs of paired birds.

In agreement with the organizing Committee of the Sabantuy inside of the tent was carried out educational activities in the form of conversations with people interested in Orthodox Christianity, history and culture of Orthodox Tatars, the conversation passed in a friendly atmosphere with the use of visual materials, including the Orthodox shamails. Also inside the tent was made iranskim order of the prayer service in the Tatar language with the duplication of the reading of the gospel and Apostle of the Slavic language.

In concert Sabantui, on one of the main scenes and also inside the vip tent of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan — Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Tatarstan major General of militia in reserve Ravil ahmetshin of Kalimullovich before him, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Pasolini Alexey Valeryevich and other honorable guests made the songs famous singer kremenchutsky and obschetatarskaya songs, the winner of the beauty contest “Kersen chibre” Alina Davydova. It should be noted that met and accompanied to the vip area and vip-tent Alina Davidov, Dinar and Sania Bocharovich and other Orthodox Tatars and their friends, representing the Orthodox part of dvukhkomponentnoi Tatar people and its cultural heritage, personally he Ravil Akhmetshin Kalimullovich and his Deputy Azat Akhtareev, Cholpanovich. There are Orthodox Tatars among others met Barium alibasova and be photographed with him.

Meanwhile, well-known Tatar Orthodox scholar, apologist and preacher David Amir Sadur, the son of a famous Muslim leader Valiahmetov of Sadur, and an Orthodox theologian from starokreshchenye Tatar Sergei Sidorov friendly and willingly told those interested in the Orthodox faith of the Tatars-Muslims about Christ and the Church.

Overall, the participation of the Orthodox Tatar Sabantuy was held in friendly and brotherly atmosphere. Together with the Orthodox Tatars in their tent-the tent is located with their visual materials to the members of the Majlis of Tatar murzas: the representatives of the ancient and glorious Tatar family Dashkevich, author of books on the history of Kasimov, Astrakhan and other Tatars, the Astrakhan Tatars descendant of Alexander Cherepnin with his wife. In addition, periodically came and supported interesting conversation Tatar Muslims. However, quite without provocation has not been a close friend of Orthodox Tatars Orthodox well-known political and public figure Frolov Kirill Alexandrovich stopped another pathetic attempt of provocation on the part of some representatives of marginal extremist Islamist circles.

In addition, during Sabantui Orthodox Tatars held a meeting to discuss the past yesterday in Kazan the so-called “IX all-Russian Forum of Tatar religious figures”, which were not invited neither of Tatar Orthodox religious leaders respectively were ignored rights, interests and position of Orthodox Tatars — an integral part of dvukhkomponentnoi Tatar people, respectively, the so-called “forum” was approved by the text completely unacceptable to the Orthodox Tatars of the resolution allegedly adopted on behalf of all Tatar religious figures. Therefore, the number of platforms continues obschetatarskaya begun in 90-e years of the XX century, discrimination on religious grounds by the Orthodox part dvukhkomponentnoi Tatar people. This provokes a number of Orthodox Tatars attempts to stand out in a separate people — the so-called kryashenskiy separatism, and Tatar Muslims provokes extremism, attempts to implement forced Islamization against the Orthodox part dvukhkomponentnoi Tatar people. Thus, after the holding of such “forums” damage all Tatar people, instead of Orthodox Tatars and Tatars-Muslims together to participate in programmes for the preservation and development of Tatar language and culture, including religious programs. In this regard, Orthodox Tatars declared the illegitimacy of this “forum” and it adopted resolutions and decisions.


The head of the Bashkir Tatar Orthodox Christian communities, the newly established, but already was known in Bashkiria and is gaining momentum across Russia singer and poet Rinat Khismatullin, offered to bring the position of the Orthodox Tatars to the leadership of a number obschetatarskaya structures prefer to ignore the Orthodox part of the Tatar people, thereby violating the rights of Orthodox Tatars. His proposal was supported by the congregation. Rinat Khismatullin first came to Moscow Sabantui with his wife of Bashkiria, and on the eve before that they had visited Tatarstan at the invitation of the Greeks Galiullina, where he met with a number of religious, public, political figures and officials, including the brother of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Minnikhanov with Rais Nurgalievich.

According to the website Orthodox Tatars

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