Orthodoxy is the largest religious denomination in Latvia – study

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in Riga

According to a recent survey, every fourth resident of Latvia – Orthodox.

Christianity, the largest denomination in Latvia, showed the survey conducted by the research centre SKDS. About this in his Twitter said the center’s Director Arnis kaktins.

According to the study, Orthodox called themselves one in four respondents, while Catholics consider themselves to be about 20% of respondents. In 2016, himself counted 22% of respondents in 2014 of 23%.

Among the respondents to Lutherans ranked approximately 17%. For comparison, in 2016 – 20%, in 2014 – 18%. The survey also revealed among the respondents, 15% of atheists.

Earlier, Pope Francis arrived in Riga to visit. As reported by the SPM, the Latvian government decided to allocate 806 thousand euros for a decent and safe running of the visit of Pope Francis.

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