Our Church Is not Ukrainian because not Russian

In Ukraine started the process of translating churches of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the jurisdiction of the newly established Church structures. Increasingly this is happening in the winery. Meanwhile entered into force the law on renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. According to the logic of the current authorities, allegedly a member of the religious organization “with the centre in the state aggressor,” the Church owes the name to show affiliation to a religious organization outside the country. Reflects Vinnytsia priest Aleksiy Irodov.

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  • Media: Radicals seized Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Vinnytsia
  • The parishioners and the priests of the Cathedral of Vinnytsia refused to support Metropolitan-schismatic, who went to the “Autocephalous Church”
  • The Synod elected a new Bishop of Vinnitsa is gone in the split of Metropolitan
  • Most departed in the Autocephalous Church of Vinnitsa priests returned to the canonical UOC

In the news read how Alexander Nevzorov said that the Ukrainian Church “does not want to be called Russian”. And I understand that non-believers think that they are the light ones. They are wiser, thoughtful, us. We believers in turn do not care much about what the rest of the world understands us.

It seems that when a person fills the registration documents of something, then it is almost sacred. In fact it is not. Documents that reglamentary relations of Church and state is something that believers pay attention is less likely, unfortunately. They seem to formal, and most always underestimate them. The value of these papers begin to understand when, as in this case: lived-lived, all was well. And suddenly, under my feet is not solid ground, and ice.

The ice was broken. The leadership of the country in which we live, decided to deal harshly with us, the Church.

It is, among other things, passed a law that those people who consider themselves to be the Moscow Patriarchate must display your organization name, the name of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The law entered into force, and I am very relieved and hope went to the Committee for religious Affairs in our city. And demanded that, as the law prescribes, and I want to reflect in the name of their community that I Moscow Patriarchate. But my joy was short-lived because the head of that institution told me that I should go to Moscow and to the Moscow print. My objections to what the law says about the other, was ignored.

It’s their law, and they took him against us so that we might live. Died. In order for us to Rob.

This means that the situation has changed, I now, even if we take this printing in Moscow, will lose the right and opportunity to dispose of their property, property of his ward. You lose your freedom and will be is his house, in which I was born, lived all his life accustomed to every corner in the new space, which will not replace my little cozy corner.

Yes, I want to be together, and I – Moscow Patriarchate. But those shameless liars that have made this heinous act is a cynical Jesuits, they are wonderfully figured out the conflict that occurs in this case. Ukrainian Church insists that she is not Ukrainian because she is not Russian. But because the abandoning of the name, it becomes a hanger in his native land.

But Ukraine is OURS, even the lost, but our. It is not theirs. It’s ours. And no need to give it to anyone.

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