Christians around the world celebrated Pentecost Sunday 15 may is the “birthday” of the Christian Church. And this year there is a new United movement to revive the spirit of Pentecost, spreading the gospel of Jesus to the most remote corners of the earth.

Churches, missions and Christian media have joined forces to reach out to more than two and a half billion people who never heard the gospel. Moreover, five billion have never met a true follower of Jesus. Recently journalists of “Global Christian news” spoke the representative of the largest missionary Association in North America.

“In the world there are still billions of people who still have not heard the name of Jesus Christ in the context that He is the Savior of the world. So these two and a half billion people still need a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe a serious failure or even a crime against humanity that these people have not heard the gospel message, obluchennuyu in an understandable form for them”, — said Marvin Newell of the Association “Missio Nexus”.

By the way, this year for the first time will celebrate the international day of prayer for the unreached peoples. And other news about the work of the Church worldwide can be found on the Russian site “Global Christian news”.

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