Daud Sharif President of Pakistan Christians Congress in Punjab. We contacted him on Skype to see how Pakistani Christians react to the attack, which occurred in Lahore during the celebration of Easter. The number of deaths during the tragedy – more than 70 people, more than 300 were injured.

“We are full of sorrow and grief, says Dawood Sharif. Usually, Easter is a public holiday, day of celebration, but today the Christian community are in silence, sorrow, and broken heart. The people are very, very depressed. They have lost hope. They just are silent. Nothing show, just silence. The world Church needs to pray for Pakistani Christians. To pray and think about how we can help. I feel that the government is reserved because we’re here representing the minority, and it must consider the requirements and opinions of the majority. So sometimes we feel that the government is powerless”, — commented the President of Pakistan Christians Congress in Punjab.

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