Panteleimon the healer: icons and prayer

Sick. And always complain about their sickness. And wish each other on holidays: the most important health… but where can I get some health, if it is not? And try to ask. Yes, Yes, to ask. Most importantly – does anyone have. Panteleimon the healer takes a lot of requests submitted to it for healing. And heals. He is so obedient.

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In our article we will try to know more about the life of St. Panteleimon the healer. See the icons and learn the prayers directed to the Holy.

Panteleimon The Healer

Sultry summer days crowded in parish churches. Orthodox people are in a hurry to give Caesar what is Caesar, weeding, watering, Spud. It’s true – summer day feeds a year. But here comes the ninth of August, Orthodox and wipe the sweat from his face, straightening his stiff back, put on a clean shirt. This day in the Church calendar not marked with red, not revered holiday of the great twelve, but people in temples, how many people… And small, skosobochennoy years of rebellion in the village Church, and firmly anchored in the ground of the city churches, and refined, immaculately served, and monastic – all sparkle crosses in the hot summer sun, all open their gates for the party.

Still – today is the day of memory of great Martyr and healer Panteleimon, the one I ask in my prayers to get rid hvoroby, from disease, infirmities, we, our children, parents, acquaintances, friends, neighbors, relatives distant and close. Any name you write in the note of health, and will come in handy. There is now among us healthy. All the afflicted. And not so bad even if physically, but if spiritual hvoroba, and quite the trouble.

Remember your recent “conflict” in the temple of the icon of Panteleimon the healer. Quietly, so as not to interfere with cleaning the floor the old lady, told a friend:

– Healer Panteleimon lived in the first Christian times, in Nicomedia. It’s far away, in Asia Minor on the shore of the sea of Marmara…

– Talking nonsense, – pounces on me the old woman, – in Asia Minor some… he’s Russian. Our guys. Why confuse the man?

So “is not kindled from a spark the flame”, I said nothing then. Russian and Russian. Can you tell me now. Yes, he lived in Nicomedia. It was such a beautiful city in the ancient state of Bithynia. The icon brown-eyed, handsome man in yellow and green clothes. Curly hair framed a beautiful face. A sad and serene look. Panteleimon. Great Martyr and healer. A short, light candles, life.

He was a good doctor, gave hope. Favored him even the Emperor. But a handsome boy with curly hair broke the silence of their rest and well-being joyful and bold exclamation: “My God is Jesus Christ! I believe!” And began the countdown towards the inhuman suffering. He was forced to withdraw from the Christian faith and return to paganism. He had been threatened. He tortured him. He promised all the riches of the earth. But light was his face and always was his: “I Believe!”

With Christ’s name he cured the lame, the blind, the lepers. The name of Christ helped the disadvantaged. And the name of Christ was martyred. It was in the year 305. The GreatMartyr Panteleimon since that distant time, did not turn away from those who he helped in life. Not diminished over the centuries, the sick and the destitute. On the contrary, has generated a sin, and sin is disease.

I do not know the temple where there would be icons of Panteleimon the healer. That’s really our, dear, with that of Nicomedia. And in Orthodox homes, an icon is required. Praying, aching, weak Russia, asks the man about his assistance. Believe him. Because throws nedopoluchit the beds in the day light of his memory. Especially in this day, the churches of the poor. Crutches, wheelchairs, contorted spasm of the face, bloodshot eyes, stump arms, a scream of madness – all here today. Only enter the temple and hurry to the candle box to buy a candle to satalite her and ask: “Help, healer. Me, my mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, daughter-in-law, stepfather…”

Is it really helping? Do we hear that young doctor, who retired from the luxurious Imperial Palace under torture, on the chopping block? Many stories of his healings are kept in the ancient Chronicles, how many cases from their own practice know the parish priest and priests in the monasteries. And I know a lot of them. And tell you about one. Not uvidennoe, not heard. With me happened. You can believe the source.

I was in the marine pilgrimage flight. Behind Constantinople, Cyprus, the Holy Land of Jerusalem, ahead of Greece. Early tomorrow morning we will run to the sun-drenched port of Thessaloniki and go on a sea voyage along the Peninsula of Athos, where Orthodox monks live. The monastery of St. Panteleimon is called the memory healer Panteleimon. But it’s tomorrow… And today a friendly evening in one of the cabins.


One of the pilgrims birthday. I remember the bottle of champagne in your cabin, it will be very useful for our feast. Running, running for a gift along the narrow deck along the same row of cabin doors, and steep stairs. In a hurry. Everything is already gathered, waiting for me with champagne. And suddenly, something flashed across her eyes, slashed unbearable pain. Nothing more I do not remember. A come in your own cabin. Lie. Bent over me friend. Next another. Hear the words of their prayer: “Servant of God Natalia”. Went cold heart. Burial service? Barely turn their language – stop.

– Hush, they say to me, you shouldn’t talk.

What happened to me? In that moment, when I ran down the stairs, facing sharply, struggling opened the door to the galley of the ship stokilogrammovye Kok. Too, in a hurry. The door is heavy, solid, metal with sharp edges. One edge of it and came to me right in the forehead. Cut it easily.

I did not made the mirror. And when I did… it would be Better not given. Bleeding wound, puffy eyes, contorted face. I was reading a prayer for hurting Natalia, and I, choking on tears, parted with tomorrow’s trip along the mount Athos. Where am I now? I was up all night. The head was apart from the pain, no compresses did not help. But in the morning, exhausted, sleepy, still decided to walk to Athos. Discouraged: look at yourself. What to look for? And so you know, that terrible does not happen. But the monastery of St. Panteleimon, Panteleimon-the – healer! Surely he will leave their prayers with the injured pilgrim from Russia?

Me seated in the front seat of the bus. Girlfriend keeps in readiness the medicine. Sitting, afraid to move. The beauty outside the window not happy, it hurts, Oh, headache. Sympathetic looks: well? Normally smiling stiffly. And she have a hundred times wished: where I would lay myself in the cabin…

Board a ferry and in the direction of Athos. The ringing of the bells welcome us monks Panteleimon monastery. The ringing of cheerful, Sunny scattered on the sea surface… separated from the monastery boat pier. In it, three monks, catch up with our ferry transfer. In his hands gently, tenderly holding a small carved chest. Power healer Panteleimon by God. man himself appeared to us, whose infirmities are innumerable, to me, sitting in the shade under the blue umbrella, so tired of the bruised forehead wound. This is truly first aid! I dare not even bring the idea that heard my prayers, but on the ship so many monks, priests, deeply religious pilgrims. Many sympathized with me, maybe praying?

We take turns coming to the ark and kiss the Holy relics. We worry, we understand that our life now is a special moment. That’s my turn. Venerating the relics, mentally ask the healer heal, help in weakness, and make a bold move: tormented his forehead touching the darkening in the ark relics. And in the evening… in the evening, pilgrims had the unexpected entertainment they were looking for on my forehead… the traces of the wounds. The swelling subsided, his eyes opened, the wound healed and only a thin, barely visible thread of the scar formed on my forehead the memory of their pain and the accomplished miracle.

The monastery of St. Panteleimon

That’s the story. Among my colleagues in the editorial office there are two people traveling with me and are ready to confirm the above. And yet, why do we need confirmation? There would be no help from Nicomedia Saint, I would not go to him. Remember, what doctors we go? To those we recommend. Recommend and after have helped someone. Rumors, both good and evil, in Russia always prompt. And if we go, if we cling to the icon, if it is for her, for the dear honor, helps Panteleimon. One helps, the other good rumor comes. That goes for Russia, the glory of pleasing God, and before the icon he’s always candles.

As it happens, two years in a row I celebrated the feast of his memory in New Athos in Abkhazia. The new Athos monastery was constructed on the model of the Greek, and is also called St. Panteleimon. Feast day in the first after the recent war year. There was a hospital. Still stuck in the window openings of the bags with sand. Father Vissarion, the local priest delivers a sermon. And suddenly simple and unexpected idea: a hospital, of course, what else could be out here during the war? Barracks, hospital. The healer gathered here under its cover the wounded, took their pain, helped them to find the strength to survive. True to its curing craft, the Saint unites the heavenly and earthly institution. How was a skilled physician on the ground, and left them in the sky. And from there to us his help, his prayers, his miracles.

The new Athos monastery in Abkhazia

Recently in medical offices no and get caught looking beyond the icon Panteleimon the healer. A good sign. Together, it is always handy. And the phrase doctor – “Heal itself” – full of great meaning. Understanding can not be a doctor-a loser.

But at home is possible without the icons of the heavenly physician? Indeed, in the hospital, then run, if it is absolutely unbearable, and life which did not suffer what did not befall? Finger burned with a hot pan. Slipped out of the blue, turned awkwardly, took a SIP from the fridge icy mineral water. Or depression, or anger brought himself to a fit of hysteria… “Not vagnosis sinful ulcers my” – say these words of prayer to Saint Panteleimon the Healer and go for the icon. Be quiet, concentrate, pray. And leave the pain and anger will lessen and dry up depression, not having time to flourish.

Try. It’s that simple. And then, suddenly, a rich shared experience of healing through the prayers of St. will be added and your own. And you talk about it to friends and acquaintances: “And it happened to me, and I helped.” And the plot, which contends the great healer, will increase by another one healed.

There is only one prerequisite of prayer is humility. And then often go to the temple people, chasing a step, not looking around, go to the icon Panteleimon the healer, a candle. Turning around and with her head held high leave. Do not ask humbly require. Candle – a check in the store. Paid. Now product take out so positive. And there is no product complaints book! They came, they asked, the candle was put – did not help! And it will not help! Because “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”.

The healer Panteleimon depicted on icons with a little casket in her left hand and a thin deceitful (with a spoon) to the right. In the box of healing potions. He knows which of them is who. Desperate people hismatullina walking through physician offices, which sit in the same desperate doctors, go to him from all over Russia to be healed. Would you believe – the Lord had said. And is given by faith to those who believe. And it does not – by unbelief.

From the book by Natalia Suhinina “don’t sell pearl necklace,” published “Alavastr”

Prayer for health and healing St. Panteleimon

O great Saint of Christ, strastoterptsy and merciful doctor, Panteleimon! Miloserdiya me, a sinful slave, hear moaning and my cry, umilostivit of heaven, the Supreme physician of souls and bodies of ours, Christ our God, grant mi getusage me healing from illness. Receive unworthy supplication krishnarao above all people, visit me fertile in the vicinity, not vagnosis sinful plagues my pomazi with the oil of thy mercy, and heal me; Yes, sensible son, body and soul, the rest of my days, by the grace of God, able to hold in repentance and pleasing God, and spodobalosya vosprijatie good end of life of mine. Her Saint of God! Ask thou Christ God, that by thy intercession, grant me health of body and salvation of my soul. Amen.

Icon healer Panteleimon

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