PASSWORD in the Crimea

1 400 young people from 170 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United States gathered in the village of Vitino, near Yalta, on the all-Russian forum “PASSWORD.

The gathering took place from 25 July to 2 August. Organizer was a Centralized religious organization of Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical faith.

Text: Anastasia Melnikova

Heat we did at the rally

This year was plenty of time to relax and swim in the sea. Due to meetings called PASSWORD.Connect we became friends from the first day, the dialogue continued during the whole rally. The guys have added each other to friends in social networks, invited. Already, my two friends are going to St. Petersburg, and brother — in Perm. Nothing so became friends. Of course, there were evenings around the campfire with worship and games in good company, volleyball and football, crossfit, and many different contests.

The first half of the day most of the participants had a rest and swam in the sea, and at this time some people, including the organizers, were listening to a vocal school and prepared for festivals and competitions. After dinner began the same heat, spiritual. The young people gathered in a huge tent, where we praised God together and listening to God’s word. Preachers shared the experience of serving, inspiring young hearts to burn for God and devoted to serve Him. Then there were master-classes and seminars, where professionals taught the youth everything they know.

I visited lessons of a business coach Vitaly Booster from Orenburg on the topic of “Networking” (to build relationships and connections with people), seminar Director of the missionary school “with youth with a mission” Andriy Derkach from Rostov-on-don. The most important thing that remains in my memory after his seminar in a foreign culture need not be afraid to learn to live from scratch, but the statement “Lack of money is the main tool of progress for the mission” has changed my mind. Believe that God has reasons for telling us what we need to hear, and He directs the path. After dinner was the second serving, and then competitions, meetings, recital of the musician from Saint-Petersburg Viktor Lavrinenko, competitions, drummers, rappers, beatboxers, “What? Where? When?” questions on the acts of the apostles, humor and just a fun time of fellowship.

I found it interesting that for the first time at a rally PASSWORD was submitted by the international detsko-teenage Christian movement “Imperial hunters”, the vision of which is devoted to the servants of Jesus Christ, occupying active position in the Church and in society. The representative of the “Imperial hunters” in the southern region Eugene kristoph from Noumea told how you can become a part of this service. The website “Royal hunters” is in English.

On the meeting was presented projects of DRO (“a Year for Jesus”) and MGDI (“Youth for Jesus”). We heard testimonies of how changing the lives of those who preach the gospel and those who preach it. If you want to know about projects here is the project page of MGDI in “Vkontakte”: and news and DRO (“a Year for Jesus”) are published here:

Pastoral school for the youth

Last year, national Bishop RTSKHVE Edward A. Grobovenco inspired the youth after returning from the rally to participate in the service of the Church. And everyone who started a home cell or otherwise participated in the service of the Church, was invited to the pastoral school. A week before PASSWORD’and arrived 30 young people from different cities of our country, to study for pastoral and missionary service. The call to participate in pastors ‘ school the following year were made at this rally.

Pastoral school is more than just lectures on spiritual topics. I remember what we were taught pastors and missionaries.

A pastor from Perm, coordinator of the project “Year for Jesus” Vyacheslav Safronov taught that God has absolute power over everything and me. And He tells me everything will fit. When understand it comes to the decision to accept God’s will and say Yes to Him. At one meeting, we reflected on the essence of the reign of God. National Bishop Edward Grobovenco taught us the basics of successful pastoral Ministry and spoke about service, it’s important to see the needs and be the answer. It is necessary to affirm the vocation and have a clear vision with a strategy for its implementation.

A great blessing it was for me, familiarity with the pastor and a missionary ti Ti CUA, which gave us a course on “Listen to your Father”. He gave answers to practical questions of Ministry: what, where, with whom, and for whom we live. Considered spiritual questions that we need to change what you need to do to improve and who we can serve. Thanks to this course I better understand what you need to become not only a good leader, but to educate leaders on the team.

From experience as a missionary pastor Alexander Tsvetkov, we learned how the churches opened. In his class we learned the four questions, the answers to which need to know, starting to serve. The first is the source of my inspiration, the second —resources and their development, and the third is a task that will be the key for the first time and the fourth — the formation of a core team.

Useful to know, what face the missionaries. A missionary from Vorkuta Feodor Velichko inspired us never to compare what God gives, that offer people. Youth pastor Daniel Lo and his wife from Malaysia talked about his experience of serving in a Muslim country. They lived among those who preached and they became friends is a good example of the relationship and the impact on those we serve.

We had the opportunity to chat with speakers, ask questions, share experiences with all speakers. Immensely grateful to God for each person who served us, they opened the door for pastoral, missionary and other ministries.

In the heart are the words: if not for God where would we be? Every time the Lord tells us to go somewhere and do something, you need to listen carefully and not to miss the opportunity to be where He wants us to see. Want to see what they say and what they do, was worth it to talk and deal with this in the last day of his life.

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