Pastor “of the Church for gamers” thinks his audience of atheists

Gamers play video games TwitchCon 2015 in San Francisco

A Presbyterian pastor from Florida Christopher Beneke believes that the Creator of “the Church for gamers,” Matt Souza doing important work.

Matt Souza, a 27-year-old pastor from Richmond, Virginia, introduces citizens to the religion with the help of streaming platforms, writes, “The Christian Post”.

During the “services” Souza uses a streaming gaming platform Twitch.

“The Church” for gamers “God Squad” was created in 2016, the audience are atheists and opponents of religion. Spectators watch as Souza is playing, and he asks questions about God and the Christian faith. While he talks about morality and ethics, urges gamers not to swear, and advises them not to play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ for promoting violence.

Currently the Church “God Squad” is 1800 members who are watching the broadcast about 4,000 times per month.

A Presbyterian pastor from Florida Christopher Beneke believes that Susa doing important work, and claims that “his “Church,” it is impossible not to take into account.”

“The message of 1 Corinthians 12:14, the Apostle Paul writes about the importance of various parts of the body for the Body. Matt Souza is also a part of the body of Christ, which is trying to use technology for good. As a pastor, I think we should encourage Christians to take the best from technology. I don’t think serving people in the digital environment is less important than the pastor who speaks on the phone or is television evangelism,” said he.

In turn, Souza believes that the main purpose of the Church is community, and it should not be limited to attend services. “Jesus always went to where there were people, – said Sousa. One of the key ways of reaching people today is video games. And I’m one hundred percent sure that if Jesus were here, he would play with people, because He knows that’s what people live today.”

Earlier, former engineer of the company “Uber” Anthony Lewandowski, who worked on the creation of unmanned vehicles, founded the cult of artificial intelligence and announced the establishment of their own religion “the Way of the future.”

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