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Tim Keller, the founder of the Presbyterian Church “Redeemer” ( Redeemer Presbyterian Church) in new York, called on British politicians on Tuesday, may 19, to allow Christians “to be different and to live according to their ideals,” reports the Christian megaportal with reference to The Christian Post, and Premier.

Speaking at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in the UK, the influential American pastor said, “the Metaphor of Jesus was that Christians can be the salt until they become like meat.”

“British society should allow Christians and Muslims to be different. They should not say, ‘You must be secular’. Christians bring more benefit to society when they are not such as everything, — he told the audience, among which was also attended by Prime Minister Theresa may. — We will not be able to be useful to society, unless we are different, and we believe that Jesus died for us, and we live by sacrifice.”

He urged those present not to require Christians to be just like everyone else. “Modern society says that we believe in and respect the difference, but that’s what you have to do is tell Christians to be faithful to their ideals, but then evaluate them according to these ideals, and not for others”, — said the Minister.

Keller was the keynote speaker at a prayer Breakfast, which was attended by hundreds of members of Parliament and Church leaders. Those present prayed for the country and for the poor and disadvantaged. They also sang hymns and said prayers.

The theme of the Breakfast this year: “What can Christianity offer to our society in the 21st century?”

Theresa may said in a statement that “the gospel had changed the United Kingdom, his values and teachings are helping to shape the laws, customs and society of the country.”

“The event on Tuesday, she added, — was the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Christians in this country and to reflect on the role that Christianity can play in contemporary social life”.

Noting that Christianity influenced the development of Britain, Keller said during his speech: “the Ethics that we all take for granted, is the fruit of the Bible and Christianity. Society needed the millions of people who have been formed thanks to the devotion of Jesus Christ.”

Breakfast was the internationally-known Christian musicians Keith and kristyn Getty.

General Director of Bible Society (Bible Society) Paul Williams, who sponsored the event, said it was “encouraging and touching”.

“We want to encourage the Church to restore confidence in the Bible,” said Williams, adding that Christians can help keep what’s good, and bring out the best in society.

Multiple polls and studies have shown that Christianity continues to decline in the UK. A study conducted in may 2017 Centre religion and society, Benedict XVI, showed that for every atheist or agnostic who decides to become a Christian, 26 believers abandon the faith.

Statistics showed that in 2015, 24.3 million people, or 48.6% of the adult population of the UK was identified as “not prinadlezhashie to any of the religions”, and most of them were young, white and male.

The data of the survey of British social organizations NatCen in September 2017 also showed that for the first time in history the number of people in the UK who say they have no religion, is more than half of the population, or 53%.

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