Pastry chef Jack Phillips was back in the center of the LGBT scandal

This summer when the Supreme court ruled in favor of a pastry chef from Colorado, Jack Phillips, refused to accept an order for a wedding cake for a gay couple, many thought his problem was over. But as it turned out, it is not.

Six years ago Jack Phillips was sued for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. He now has back troubles. This time for refusing to bake a cake to celebrate the sex change.

“The Bible says that God created man and woman. I am convinced that it is not for us to choose the gender and it is not for us to change” — Jack Phillips stands his ground.

These days it is politically incorrect belief. Professor of law, Regent University brad Jacob considers it natural that Phillips began the hunt again.

“Phillips became their target. All lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of Colorado took up arms against him. He became a kind of personification of a Christian who does not accept the orders of the LGBT community. It is not surprising that they’re following him,” explains the Professor.

The Supreme court decision contributed to the attack on Phillips, as confirmed his statement, that he is entitled to follow his own conscience. Instead, the judge accused Civil Colorado Commission on human rights in a hostile attitude to his beliefs. Now, when the Commission again attacked him, came back and hostility. But this time Phillips he will go on the offensive.

“The state, in fact, encourages pursuing the people they serve complaints about him, continue the persecution and accused of discrimination. So you need to intervened, the Federal court and stopped it all on behalf of the state”, — said the lawyer of the Alliance in defense of freedom Jim Campbell.

Jacob says that it is unclear, specifically whether the Commission has targeted it Phillips. Although, he believes, it could ignore the latest complaint against him.

“Of course, the Commission could say: “We have already dealt with this guy. Enough. Let’s leave him alone”, says brad Jacob.

It is necessary that the Supreme court has decided how religious people can define their position regarding gay marriage, gender change and other social problems. And yet for believers, many questions remain open, and consequences unknown.

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