Patriarch Irinej: the Restoration of dissenters in Sana’a without repentance is impossible

The Patriarch Of The Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej

Justification of the dissenters of the UOC-KP could threaten the unity of the world Orthodoxy, said the Patriarch of the Serbian Church Irinej.

Restoration dissenters of the UOC-KP in Sana’a without repentance is impossible. This was stated by the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the 15-page letter to Patriarch Bartholomew, which on August 30 was published by the Agency Romfea.

As reported by Romfea, the letter outlining the conclusions from the discussions of the manifestations of ethnophiletism in modern Orthodoxy in the Holy Synod of the hierarchy of the Serbian Church, also addresses the issue of the granting of the Tomos of autocephaly of the Ukrainian separatist organisations.

Patriarch Irinej calls the actions aimed at the recognition of dissenters fatal to the unity of Holy Orthodoxy. In particular, those he considers “justification and the restoration of dissenters of the rank of bishops, especially the schismatic Kiev Philaret Denisenko, and then canonical and liturgical unity with the schismatic communities without their repentance and return to unity with the Russian Church, from which they had fallen, without the approval of the Patriarch of Moscow and without coordination with him.”

According to the Hierarch, the effect of rehabilitation of Ukrainian schismatics “would mean, however, non-brotherly attitude to the Martyr Church in the Russian lands,” which, as expected, the Primate of the Serbian Church, in any case will not happen.

“Under no circumstances, influences or pressures Her [the Church of Constantinople, – note. ed.] are not allowed to resort to any hasty action that may harm the pan-Orthodox unity, prolonging the life of dissenters, while it [the split] is to heal and overcome,” – said Patriarch Irinej.

Earlier his Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia said that the one who helps the Ukrainian schismatics, is the enemy of the pan-Orthodox world.

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