Patriarch Kirill headed a meeting of the Board of Trustees on restoration of the Valaam monastery


10 July 2018 in the refectory of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam monastery, under the chairmanship of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill held a session of the Patriarchal Board of Trustees for the restoration of the Valaam monastery, according to patriarhiei.

In the work of the Board of Trustees were: operating Affairs of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofy; head of Administrative Secretariat of the Moscow Patriarchate, Archbishop Sergius of Solnechnogorsk; the Governor of the Valaam monastery, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Bishop Trinity Pankraty; the head of the Republic of Karelia A. O. Parfenchikov; the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko; head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities I. V. Barinov; Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg K. N. Serov, Deputy Governor of the Valaam monastery hieromonk Elijah (Rudnev); Vice President of the International energy Alliance, O. M. Budargin, General Director of JSC “rosseti” Pavel Livinsky; founder of the Charitable Foundation Elena and Gennady Timchenko G. N. Timchenko, General Director, Chairman of the Board of PJSC “SIBUR holding” Mikhail Karisalov; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. Andrew V. Yakunin; Director of business development “Post Bank” D. A. Lopatin, founder, chief engineer IT platform A. A. Platonov; Deputy General Director of Ural mining and metallurgical company A. V. Rogozhin; the other members of the Board of Trustees.

An introductory word to the participants and guests of the meeting asked the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

Bishop Trinity Pankraty presented a report on progress over the year of work to restore the building of the Winter of and restoration of monasteries.

“The main priority and our main task is the reconstruction of the victim by fire the building of the Winter of and create within its walls a spiritual and educational centre “Valaam”, — said the Deputy of a monastery. — Resettlement activities of those people who lived in the Winter hotel, is fully completed. All citizens enjoy comfortable housing in Sortavala, they have already moved, and in the building of registered citizens there is not one person.”

“To date, in the building of the Winter hotel completed restoration of the brick facades. Restored including damaged or lost Gables, pediments and other elements of facades. Produced a complete relining (from eaves to Foundation) the affected parts of the main facade. Restored lost in the fire elements of facades, walls, attics, parts of buildings, which, as it turned out, suffered during the war, during the bombing and was in a hurry at the time repaired, but at a very low level, not good quality,” — said the Bishop.

According to Bishop pancratius, only recovered more than 800 cubic meters of masonry, dismantled 19 000 sq m of damaged plaster and have already restored 4 000 sq m and completed work on the installation of foundations, bases and roof slabs of reinforced concrete, the total volume of concrete works is about 800 cubic meters, completed the installation of roof system, insulation and roofing, we approach the completion of the laying of utilities, started work on laying drainage and landscaping.

Next, Bishop Trinity Pankraty told about the revival of Valaam all forms of monastic life: dorms, Priory and the deserted residence. When this was discovered all the Islands of the Valaam archipelago, including . It turned out that in the past century the Valaam monks mastered many suitable for the device of the monasteries, places, and just need to restore them. In the end, was selected four suitable locations. It is an island Porfirismo in a Small Nikon Bay, where up to 30-ies of the last century there was a Seraphim, the desert, the group Emelyanov Islands with historical skete of St. Avraamy of Rostov (the construction of the monastery was lost) and the adjacent territory of the Valaam in the area of the Marvelous Bay as well as the group adjacent to the Valaam Islands Zosima and Savvatii with the new skete monastery of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God (the place had previously been a Church and the buildings of the monastery). The monastery was designed in gratuitous use of forest areas area of over 90 hectares for religious use. In all of these places are erected small temples in the surrounding areas held a small wooden secluded cells. Some have lives and prays for the brethren doing in your spare time monastic needlework and dispensation of the places of residence.

“Next year we plan to ask his Holiness Patriarch to consecrate the Church of the PDP. Seraphim of Sarov on the island Porfirista,” — said the Bishop Pankraty.

In 2020, will be ready for consecration of the temple merciful Saviour with a warm chapel of St. Avraamy of Rostov. This year it is planned to complete works on the decoration of the Kazan Church and the creation of a new Kazan monastery with the adjacent pustynki.


General Director of JSC “rosseti” Pavel Livinsky reported on the progress of improvement and electrification of the territory of the Central manor of the Valaam monastery and surrounding areas.

“”Russian grids” in recent years completed a major project of the electrification of the archipelago, and today a reliable supply of electricity from the Unified energy system of Russia is provided by a double circuit transmission lines with voltage of 35 kV with a length of 50 km, 27 km of which runs along the bottom of Ladoga lake,” — said Pavel Livinsky.

According to him, created and reconstructed with the efforts of the company’s objects, such as a dairy farm with a workshop for production of cheese and dairy products, private building with a new refectory, workshops for packing and storage of products, different areas of hospitality and reception of pilgrims in the immediate vicinity of the main quads of the monastery (a Singing field with a pedestrian Mall, downhill to the pier), the house production staff, greenhouses and many other “today is not only effectively used by the brethren, but also attract numerous pilgrims of Russia and the world, the number of which is growing year by year.”

The company continues to participate in the improvement of Balaam. Main project — reconstruction of the refectory working on the Singing field. “To date, the project documentation has passed the necessary environmental and historical-cultural examination, obtained a building permit, started work on the device engineering networks, installation of new foundations and the strengthening of existing structures. All activities are performed in accordance with the approved schedule and we believe that together we will complete this project by July of next year,” said Pavel Livinsky.

In the nearest plans — construction site and Wharf of the Valaam monastery in Priozersk.

Hieromonk Elijah (Rudnev) presented the reorganisation of transport and economic activities of the monastery. Questions were raised of creating a passenger ferry ice class for delivery to Balaam of goods and passengers during the navigation season, and in autumn-winter and spring periods, reconstruction and improvement of Wharf in Priozersk, reorganization trout farm, rebuilding and reconstruction of the building of the former coach house-stables (the monument is in poor condition) and other topics. In particular, father Elijah familiarized the participants with the project of building a new working of the refectory.

The head of the Republic of Karelia A. O. Parfenchikov made a report on the long-term comprehensive programme for the improvement of forest plantations of Balaam.

O. M. Budargin, spoke about the activities of the Fund “the Light of Valaam”, which runs from 2015. The Rapporteur highlighted three areas of work of the Foundation: the activities of the International St. Vladimir Valaam Orthodox singing festival; creation of the system of health and modern medical care on the island; development of programs for the conservation of the natural environment of the Valaam archipelago.

Director of business development “Post Bank” D. A. Lopatin in his speech raised the issue of reforestation..

Assistance to the monastery in the restoration of forests told the founder of the platform “Passion fruit” A. A. Platonov ( — social web service for those who want to help in the planting and restoration of forests).

In conclusion, his Holiness thanked the participants for their fruitful work.

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