Patriarch Kirill: “the Attacks on churches led to greater cohesion of their communities”


21 December 2018 at the Diocesan meeting of Moscow Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill spoke about the implementation of the Program of building of Orthodox temples in the capital, according to patriarhiei.

“In eight years built and already there are 47 temples. This was 6 more than last year. 16 temples completed construction works. Built 28 churches. At the stage of project documentation development, there are more than 50 churches,” — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and noted that this year “marked the final transition from the typical to the individual design, in which each temple takes its own unique look”.

Next, his Holiness Patriarch Kirill spoke about the arson construction of churches in Moscow that occurred in the past year.

“You should pay attention to the fact that the construction of churches are opposed, on the one hand, those who are often, and rightly, called “chromosome” fierce people, essentially trying to prevent the establishment and strengthening of the Orthodox communities. They are few, but very active and provided with extensive information capabilities,” — said his Holiness.

“It is important that in response the Orthodox laity, including those who use social networks, did not hesitate to defend the rights of believers in the creation of temples and the development of Church communities. Sorry, we haven’t always been quite active in this direction”, — stated the head.

“On the other hand, the Church building sometimes causes a negative reaction from local residents, — continued the Patriarch. — However, as a rule, this reaction is not due to a fundamental rejection of the temple, and different immediate concerns”.

According to His Holiness, “the correct answer is friendly outreach from the local priest and the community, and building the life of the parish thus to reveal its embeddedness in local life.”

“We should pay particular attention to the fact that a recent arson in Tushino Primobolan was destroyed not only the temple, but a Playground arranged by the parish and delighted local residents. The most important thing in connection with the sad theme of arson is that the attacks on churches led to greater cohesion of their communities, and also to the fraternal aid from neighbouring parishes. As recently put one priest in the transmission on TV channel “Spas”, to paraphrase the Holy Apostle Paul: we are on fire, but we are strengthened (cf 2 Cor. 6:9-10),” — said his Holiness Patriarch Kirill.

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