Patriarch Kirill: We must accept the Apostolic Ministry

“The power of Apostolic witness came to our days, and in this sense we are all their successors, – said Patriarch Kirill in his speech on memory day of the apostles Peter and Paul on 12 July.

“And if so, then we must perceive not only what to learn through their messages, through their life, but also to take their very Apostolic Ministry. The Church is called Apostolic because it continues the Apostolic Ministry continues to witness to the world. It would be a mistake to assume that it is only bishops, priests. The whole Church testifies to the world — perhaps most notably through the Apostolic works of the laity. Today this Ministry is very important. I know a lot of stories that to me brings human a lot of people and witnesses about how ordinary religious people turn to the faith of their fellow citizens. The amazing story of the apostolate of our Church continues in the present time. Probably never in detail, it will be impossible to tell about all that, a lot will go to those who made and makes this Ministry. But I would like, my dear, thank you for these books, everyone who watched at least one of his compatriot, led him to Christ, the baptismal font,” – said the Primate.

“And urge you all to remember that it is our duty not only to pray in Church, to profess faith, but to work in order to the faith of Christ, as in the days of the apostles, through the witness of members of the Church were strengthened in our people” – called his Holiness.

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