Patriarch Kirill: “We pray that no power lies not destroy the spiritual life of the close, brotherly people”

Photo: Vladimir Khodakov

“Today we are particularly worried about everything that is happening in Ukraine. This is a clear example of how a lie knocks people out of the way. If, during the Blizzard, when he lost the opportunity of orientation, the traveler to point in the correct direction, he could die. So it is with people going through very difficult life circumstances,” said his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril in a sermon after the Liturgy, a perfect December 19, 2018, the day of memory of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa, reports patriarhiei.

“When you specify a false path that separates people from the true Church, when they offer to give his soul to the impostors and divisive community perceived as the Holy Church is the spiritual path to “nowhere” is the path to destruction. And who but the Church should loudly say to that? When the path of the people pushing the policy, forcing you to follow it either by promises or threats, — how much you need spiritual strength to resist and not become a victim of this lie?” — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

His Holiness noted that in all churches of the Russian Orthodox Church is done today is purely a prayer for Ukraine. “We especially pray for our brothers and sisters, about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, those who became Confessors of faith in Christ while still living — said his Holiness. We pray that no power lies not destroy the spiritual life of the close, brotherly people, and the strength of the Church, bearing their testimony in these difficult circumstances, did not downplay even in the face of increasing sin”.

“May God through the intercession of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker govern our way of life, the life of each of us needing His help, His support. Let the prayers of the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker Nicholas, the most revered in Russia Saint, the Lord will provide the historical path of our people, the people of Holy Russia, living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other places, but United by a single spiritual ideal of Holy Russia. Believe that the prayers of the saints, to which we turn our sighing heart, the Lord will make this journey truly life-saving for each of us and for our people”, — concluded his Holiness Patriarch Kirill.

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