Patriarch of Antioch called for the convening of the pan-Orthodox Council


There is no need for discussions “on the issues of autocephaly” at a time when the Orthodox world especially the need for unity in the face of contemporary challenges and threats. This was stated by the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East John X during your stay in Serbia, 14 October 2018, according to the portal “Orthodox life” with reference to

“The reasons for our coming to sister Serbian Orthodox Church is our commitment to work together to consider all that now strain relations between the local Orthodox Churches. What is the need right now to debate on issues of autonomy or autocephaly, when we most need a complete and solid unity of all Orthodox Christians? There is no doubt that the Orthodox Church should consider your problem at the General Council, which would be collected by the heads of all the local Churches,” said Patriarch John.

He noted the need to pray fervently to the Lord Jesus Christ, “to take from His Church all the waves of political traps, historical upheavals and destructive spirit of individualism, and that it shone with the spirit of His glory.”

“Beloved in the Lord, we most need the time in which Orthodox Christianity would be one word and one solid in the middle of the chaos of this world, which, above all, different divisions. The unity of the Orthodox Christian world is the key, which Christ passed into our hands, and the consent of the local Orthodox Churches is that first and foremost preserves its unity and cohesion,” said the Patriarch of Antioch John X.

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