“People often think that need is somebody like the homeless”

Hfour years ago in Novokuznetsk there was a group of refugees from the Ukraine – people just rallied around someone else’s misfortune. Over time, the circle of aid recipients has expanded. The group rests on the enthusiasm of volunteers and small donations from benefactors. As “Targeted assistance” program collects clothing, shoes and food, all need of – antisocial elements, why volunteers are the consumer and you need to help more and better.

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“I see, they are quite stripped – socks, Slippers”

We sit with volunteers in the room where they regularly hand things to the needy. In the room everything was arranged as comfortably as possible: boxes, arranged by size, floor racks, racks. Clothes, shoes, toys, appliances, furniture – things don’t need owners, volunteers collect and bring to then give to the needy.

Very often the word “need” is associated with someone like a homeless person. But this is not the case. Among them there are the homeless, lonely, or mothers with many children, pensioners. Sometimes people have something going on in life, and they temporarily can not afford to buy some basic things. They all will be adjusted, and now they just need to help Maria says the Veda, the organizer and one of the founders of the group. – To do volunteer work I started quite by accident. Entire life helping people and animals. When was the first wave of refugees from Ukraine in 2014, my mother came to the center of temporary stay for refugees in the pioneer camp “the Olympus” in Asmarino. There was 130 people. Mum cried after their stories. Was the end of August in Siberia the nights are already quite cold. I see that they are quite stripped – socks, Slippers. Say: “we have nothing”. We then collected the things we had, and took them.

I wrote a post in social networks about these refugees to 2am. And then, at night, I call the woman – Tatiana Bazhenova, and says: “Mary, I have an apartment, can anyone provide! Oh, sorry, haven’t looked back!” And away we go.

All I started calling, writing, asking to pass things, bring things. And I went to this camp, and later in other camps every day, sometimes several times.

Gradually the ladies who came to help, joined forces, found a room, thanks to the organization “Compatriots” and started handing out things. Thanks to a coherent team and many caring people we were able to help a huge number of people.
Wherever we went to help, practically all of the South of Kuzbass. Not to mention the large fees of humanitarian aid to Donbas, which we carried out with our good friends. Now I quit volunteering, but always help my volunteers, support them and advise, wholeheartedly support the common cause and our common idea.

“We have a human need to help”

The original name of the group – “direct assistance to refugees from Donbass.” Once the relevance of the assistance to refugees has almost disappeared, the band’s name was shortened to “Targeted assistance”, and volunteers continue to help personally those who find themselves in difficult situations.

Usually as we are called donors, and we take away from them all and bring, sort. If things are in poor condition – dirty or stained, give in the cloth. Some do peristylium. Some time ago we helped the society of protection of animals “cat and dog”, they took from us is to insulate the booth or diaper for animals, – the volunteer tells Ekaterina Glushkova.

Catherine is involved in volunteering. Before she joined the “Targeted assistance”, independently led a group in “Vkontakte” and did the same as now – were Packed up and transported them to the needy.

– My husband and I lived in a Studio apartment, and all things are settled there. Husband normally feel this way, sometimes joked: “will you Give us a medal for it?” – she laughs.

According to Catherine, people are willing to give things, not only what is not needed and it is a pity to throw, and really good clothes, sometimes new and in excellent condition. With about 70% of donors do give from the heart. The remaining 30% by the principle: “Take my God that to us not gozhe” – dirty, smoky, moist.

Julianna Belkin volunteers joined experienced what hardships and the help of caring people. In 2014, she and her husband came from Ukraine to Russia. Lived in Samara, then in Anzhero-Sudzhensk. Thanks to Maria Veda, which organized the fundraiser, were able to move to Novokuznetsk. Here, the volunteers helped pay for their first month living in a rented apartment. Since then, Julianna doesn’t see himself in any other work, except as a volunteer.

– In addition to collecting things and sorting them, cleaning, holding the fair-dealing. We have introduced a fee for visiting the fair and 100, and, of course, was a lot of indignation. There is misunderstanding: where, why, what? From this decision could seem strange, but we used to shy, but now has taken a clear position. We are all the expenses to pay can not, and donors who could help financially, we are almost there. We are children of rented accommodation and its expenses. We have a human need to help, but we ourselves are not sponsors and are not an organization, says Julianna.

The money collected for entrance to the fair, go to pay for gasoline the volunteers who pack the cars around Novokuznetsk, and often this amount can be up to 5 thousand rubles per month. In addition, these funds volunteers pay rent, where are the hand. Buy cookies, candy, tea, which guests are treated at the fairs.

Reports on the expenditure of funds, the volunteers lay in the group of “Targeted assistance” in “Vkontakte”, maintain a log of the distribution of things at fairs where you record who and what was issued. Such forms of work, according to the girls, help to better control the flow of things, so that they fell into the hands of the truly needy and not resold on sites ad type “Yuly” or “Avito”, or in thematic groups “Vkontakte”.

– As a Christian? Gave alms and forget about her. What are they going to do with her, it will be requested from them. My job is to give. And then we’ll drink you sell…Maybe someone more important to sell and use the money to buy medicine? All happens in life, – says Marina, Puri.

“The main task of volunteer is to not give the fish as bait”

However, regular support people, there is a downside – a large number of people belonging to the volunteers of the consumer.

– On the one hand, we help people, on the other – some had literally put his neck. I understand that even if 90% of people who we help, social dependents, the 10% would only be those who really need help. But if we hadn’t helped this 90%, we wouldn’t have found the others! Many people come to the table, and don’t understand that those things we give to people, and that the quality and selection of items does not depend on us. In order for clothing or shoes looked decent, we are making efforts. Sort by category hangs, sometimes something filed, wash. The main task of the volunteer is to not give the fish as bait. For example, a person sitting without a job. We can find him a job and residence. And the apartment we were looking for and in kindergartens were arranged, and that only did not do. Only you yourself then go for it! Maria says the Veda.

The plans of the volunteers is to expand the activities of the organization and still register it legally. Otherwise, as noted by the official keeping track of the administration in conversation with the girls, it’s just “interest group”.

We do not just want to hold hands, but to buy this functional equipment – boxes, shelving, sliding hung. We want to go to a nursing home, home for retired people to be able to choose the clothes on the spot. Want to organize master-classes for creating toys, jewelry out of old clothes. We will be able to get support from the city, to participate in grant competitions. The last 4 months we diligently discussing it and found out that one registration will cost us 30K. But we have no such opportunities, says Julianna.

“On 9 thousand products for a month I bought”

Stories about how volunteers have found the needy and helped people, located on the edge of trouble, a lot. The girls told the most interesting:

Once we the family reconciled, – said Ekaterina Glushkova. – We asked the neighbors of the pregnant girls. She had a fight with my husband, and he took their child, appliances, furniture, everything, down to the sockets and bulbs. The apartment was completely bare! Marina Purna and Julianna came to her, promised to help. Called husband, put them side by side and talked. And two weeks later everything was back to normal! They are still together, they are fine

According to Mary Veda, people seeking help are often very modest, shy and do not seek help for yourself:

– We helped a single mother with three children (one child only was born), brought clothes, food. I looked in the fridge – empty. Begin to lay out what they brought, and she said, “don’t do that! I’ve got a pension – 9 thousand and for the whole month the products I bought!” And open cabinets – she do there packs of cereals, flour, canned goods, sugar, chicken legs in the freezer.

And this phrase out of my head all did not go: “I’m at 9 thousand bought only for a month!”

Other volunteer groups had to give up because she was in prison, it even persecuted and insulted. I talked to her and found that she is an adequate person, a great hostess, mother, it has changed and fully devoted himself to his children. And these stories are encouraging.

And how many stories, when we talked out of an abortion! Someone wanted to give birth and then give the child too discouraged all together, helped put on the feet. Or here in the autumn, already cold, went to the clinic the girl was barefoot and we were in shock that her socks don’t even have to buy. She to anybody did not address, did not ask anything.

These people do not use the Internet, they are very modest and shy. Sit quietly and did nothing to ask for, and they need to look for to help. Take a look! Maybe you have a grandmother in the stairwell, and she has nothing to eat or no drugs. You find, and we will work together to help you!

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