People say that their ideas are beneficial but seductive and empty pours out of the mouth

“Extending its love to people, you should never forget that all people are sick, and you must live among them to permanent sobriety, not only for ourselves but for all others…” Excerpt from the book “the Apocalypse of small sins” of Saint John (Shahovskoy).

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Archbishop John (Shakhovskoy)

A collection of enlightening writings of Archbishop John (Shahovskoy) is about the Apocalypse taking place in each of us, about the apostasy (the retreat), which originates in our hearts, absorbed in self-esteem, snowberries, pity. Lord John had seen a lot in life, with terrifying brightness reminded of the upcoming last days of the world, the Apocalypse. His youth (he was born in 1902) coincided with the terrible and grim for Russia. Becoming a member of the white movement, he passed the Civil war: blood, wounds and death were seen closely. In exile, in exile, he experienced inhuman cruelty of the Second world war.

Love and trust

Is it possible a man to love and not trust him? . True love for someone does not mean deification of all his qualities and worship before all his actions. True love can see the flaws of man, is as urgent as anger. Even sharper. But love, not anger, and in his own way, love refers to the flaws of man. Love protects and saves a person’s soul for eternity; the same anger drowns, kills.

Love loves the person; not his sins, not his madness, not his blindness… And more acute than in anger, he sees all the imperfection of this world.

The feat of spiritual vision: to see all the sins of the people and to judge all evil, and not to blame anyone… Only over the illuminated man is capable of such love.

Yes, you can love and not trust. But is trust a sign of the soul and open is the openness of the attribute of love? No, love wider open. And without openness of mind, in this world, love can be… the Elder Ambrose of Optina or St. Seraphim loved the people and ardent love, in Spirit, ministered unto them. However, not all opened and opened a little; kept the soul from human eyes, penetrating his gaze into the souls of men. The Confessor in the confessional does not open his soul ispoveduyuschaya. But the soul of a true spiritual father is open – not detection, but by love; and through love found in the world.

The old man is not always and not everyone opens everything he knows from God. But, in keeping with the status of each, to each choice, respectively.

Mother that’s all that comes to her mind says to her child, not out of dislike hiding, but love does not trust and it is the child your love, hiding from him all he is unwholesome, what has not grown, he still can’t take his immature body and his immature soul.

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Insincerity, not spontaneity, is not easy, as “distrust” – could be good… not all the Doctor opens the patient, boss – subordinate, teacher – pupil.

The condition and age, capacity and prigotovlennoe determine the subject and the truth revealed in the world.

The ship is similar to the human soul. The ship has an underwater part, and the soul must have its invisible to the world consciousness. Not “subconscious”, but concealed, for the sake of truth – consciousness.

To hide evil is necessary, not one to mess with. Good need to hide, so as not to spill. To hide it is necessary for the benefit of all. Hiding a soul of its evil is sometimes a necessity of the spiritual; hiding his goodness is wisdom and righteousness.

Not all the “not straightness” is not true; and not every “distrust” is a betrayal of the last trust.

The latest trust to have only the Triune God and all His laws and words. Mistrust well this is always the wisdom and all genuine, positive distrust, for love, for others there is an ongoing Holy distrust of myself… For not free sometimes in their deeds and words, people myatetsya in evil and he is not aware of this report.

“Not to trust themselves”… – it has a profound and salvific meaning. His experience, his mind, his heart, his mind, his mood… all of it is shabby, poor and uncertain; there is no absolute matter of trust… And trust everything wobbly stems perfect and boundless trust in God Triune.

Others are equally not to be trusted (and so can you!), as yourself; and only to the extent of their consistency with the Revelation of God, with the will of Christ, in an open world and open soul.

Only spiritual fathers and leaders are true and tested – in Christ, you can trust yourself, more than yourself, and bring your ears and your soul in the name of God.

Middle well, my friend, is just a part of me (for he is a part of mankind, whose I – particle). Consequences of original sin, passion, common to him and me. Of course, in different measure and in different shades, but both he and I – we have reason not to trust her, yet the dual nature and not transformed will. We are almost always “out of passion”, with a touch sinful, not “dispassionately”; not free – in Christ.

I, indeed, mutable, inconstant; wavering various “pryrauniali” the evil and the purity of the depths of my soul and then zametalsya rising from the bottom mud.

My neighbor as changeable as I am, and equally capable of good and evil.

I need to constantly check myself and my neighbor – as well. I have tired to test their actions in the world: “God?” they? Verification requires not only evil, but “good” is mine, because evil is often obvious, while the good only seems “good”, and in fact, is evil. However, evil needs to be tested; and the evil one cannot “trust” at the first sign of “evil”. People Potemkina (what are we) and good appear to be bad if it involves a pain, a burden and an affront to our pride.

Not about the evil of suspicion here, and good creative mistrust to itself and to everything that surrounds us in the world.

Sin seems to us, almost always, something “sweet”; we should not trust the sweetness, for it is the bitter sorrow and suffering. Suffering the same (e.g., in the struggle for the purity of body and soul) appear to be intolerable, disgusting; not to trust and this conclusion; for good suffering should the peace that passes all joy.

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A lot of people and often for a long time talking, and as if the ideas they are supposed to serve the common good; but how many incorrect, seductive and empty pouring from their mouths. You do not need to trust all the words of the people… the People themselves often suffer for those words which they have said, and repent in them.

Yes, not everything that comes from a man (even the most noble his intentions!) is good. Much is unnecessary, vain, sinful, and such is not only for someone who is unnecessary – in some cases, but for him who inadvertently takes.

Extending its love to people, you should never forget that all people are sick, and you must live among them to permanent sobriety, not only for ourselves but for all others… Only the first is fruit of the latter.

Not to the person himself must, of course, to have distrust, but given his condition. The level of trust you should always change proportionately to the state of enlightenment of a person in God. If the person we love and always still trusted, suddenly appear before us drunk and we will begin to give any advice… disappear if our love for this man? If we deeply love him, our love will not fade away and will not even weaken. But we lose that trust, not only to the words but to the feelings of this man, while he is in this condition.

The intoxication of wine is less likely to occur in people who are drunk than any other passion: anger, rancor, lust, denhollem, popularity… of Passion like wine act on the mind and the will of man and pervert his whole soul. Intoxicated with any passion out of control, ceases to be himself, becomes “the plaything of demons”; even one who is devoid of passion the time is fulfilled the true depth and purity of Christ, as it is possible within our earthly, personal and hereditary sinfulness.

Lighter human condition belongs, and a more perfect trust… for Example: I want to say the Word or make SV. Secrets, but I feel that my soul is full of turmoil and passion. I should in this case to act according to the gospel, i.e., leaving your gift at the altar, go make peace with the soul, “my brother”; otherwise say – appease, to enter the heavenly life. Here is a sample of the righteous and good of mistrust yourself, in the name of Christ’s love to himself. Selfish love, on the contrary, wished to despise, to ignore my shortcomings and would find my soul worthy, the unrighteous would trust her and would allow her sinful condition to pour out on the world or bespokoino to get closer to God, to His burning Bush. Allowed – not according to the commandments of God (which are: “isui your boots,” i.e., the sinful state of the soul), and self-will… And slightly burnt I immutable laws of God’s purity.

Surely I must impartially to relate to themselves and to others. But does that mean that I “do judgment” on anybody, contrary to the Word: “judge not, that ye be not judged”? Not at all. Reasoning is the sign of the output of the human soul from evil its infancy. The reasoning is this – “wisdom”, which says: “be wise as serpents”. The reasoning is the crown of love, and SV. the teachers of the Church – mystery! I think it was above “love” above, of course, “human”, irrational, often destructive love. The reasoning is, a heavenly wisdom in life, the spiritual mind of love that does not take away its strength, but gives it to her.

“Do not cast pearls…” is not the absence of love (the Word of God teaches only love!), but the wisdom of love, knowledge of the higher laws of heaven poured out upon the whole sinful world, but not mixed with anything sinful.

“Do not cast pearls…” – there is a commandment about mistrust of love, a commandment that leads to love, protective love.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done”… I always want to make in yourself, and in all this love; – to abolish the “his Kingdom” and open to God. Not to trust, not to accept anything “his”, “man”, the sinful and poluvekovogo… Open your ears and in your heart (all its depth!) only God’s pure and bright… “Thy Kingdom come”! I – before death – I don’t want to settle down in elkanii all. I pray, and not cold flies the word is from my mouth: it taketh away from my whole being and causes me to languish in the desert.

Sweet judgment of God done in my heart over my heart… Sweet to me the Coming of Christ. I meet the Lord everywhere. Not everywhere is my Lord, but I meet Him in every word and every breath… In conversations, intentions and actions of man.

I just want It. And hate want to have to any not Its the truth. I only want in It, without Him I’m nothing, everything is immensely difficult and painful. He is the light of my heart. I wouldn’t have done anything good if I knew it was good He did not want. I know the night and day that He is near me; but not always I can hear His hot breath, not always for I rush to Him and want more than anything else. In my experience I feel such weakness, such weakness and poverty, which nothing earthly can not calm down, nothing can cheer me on. He only said, “My Peace I give to you”…

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