Petrov post: 10 best recipes from Anna Lyudkovskii

“From a culinary point of view, lent is a wonderful time for creativity!” says Anna Ludkovsky. And shares with readers “Pravmir” wonderful recipes. We have gathered for you the best of them.

1. Soup of roasted beet beer and beet tops

Somehow I got the recipe from pre-revolutionary collection where in the post were advised to cook soup on kvass. No, it wasn’t cold beetroot soup, coupled with the hash, and a full hot soup. Kvass in the store did not have, and then I immediately thought of the famous beer soups, which are very popular in Germany.

2. Potato soup with garlic arrows

Brunch originated as a Christian Sunday dinner. When everyone was tired after the Liturgy, the parish gathered for a large table, leaned on food because in the evening, no one in his mouth was not poppy-seed.

3. French soup of potatoes and leek

Before the soup was the main meal during the day, it was made thick and rich and the entire family right out of the pot scooped with spoons.

4. American nourishing bean soup

This soup includes a variety of legumes and cereals, and you can take them on your own: like cereal — put.

5. A quick soup from root vegetables Englishwoman Delia Smith

Incidentally, the word “soup” comes from the Latin “sop”, that is, bread soaked in broth or meat broth. English dinner “supper”, formed from the same root.

6. Cod with green onions and white wine

And this recipe is outstanding, it not only plays virtually no loss, but saves shapeless fish fillets. Simple and delicious!

7. Pasta with roasted peppers and red onion

This pasta with Mediterranean classics — roasted peppers. Lay the roasted peppers in bags and put in the freezer. They take up little space. This genius appointment I was taught by the Italians. So I have a year-round hand baked peppers.

8. Salad with peas, mash and smoked salmon

It is important to find the main ingredient. This could be canned beans from a can, cooked lentils, pearl barley, corn. Anything!

9. Roasted cauliflower with almonds

One of the most simple and easy tricks is roasting vegetables. Oven with vegetables works wonders, it enhances the flavor, makes it more concentrated. After all, when cooked taste “molecules” washed out, fall in the water, which we then usually merge. And when roasting the moisture is, on the contrary, evaporates, thereby enhancing the flavor.

10. Brussels sprouts in soy sauce

There are many other culinary techniques that transform vegetables! Make the taste brighter, richer and more expressive! And if you add sauces, different spices and herbs, vegetable oil with the smell, then experiment with vegetables not fast enough!

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