Pilgrimage center of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra is preparing a new tour of “Laura in the siege”


Pilgrimage center of the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra of St. Petersburg is preparing a new tour of “Laurel during the siege,” during which visitors will learn the role played Lavra shrines in the life of the defenders of the city, like virtually destroyed the monastery can strengthen our nation, reports the Synodal Department for monasteries and monasticism.


In the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery is one of the main shrines of the monastery – the icon of the Nevskaya Mother of God quick to hear that people of faith in the fulfillment of desires is decorated with crosses and rings. In the war the image was in the Prince-the Vladimir Cathedral. It came to thousands and thousands of Leningrad citizens, praying for loved ones that survived, that they found the missing bread cards (and they were!). The icon was then the name “Bread”. In day of memory of this icon – 22 Nov 1941 – opened the Road of life.


About the defenders of the city are reminiscent of the burial of the wartime so-called “Communist” cemetery in front of the entrance to the Cathedral.

“I am sure that earthly heroism always has a spiritual dimension. Someone was going to attack under a hail of bullets, someone gave the last crumbs to save the child, and he was dying, someone being subjected to horrific torture in Nazi prisons, did not betray his friends – such examples are countless. And this spiritual victory of our people has given rise to the heroism that was crucial for our victory in the great Patriotic war,” said monk of the Lavra Hierodeacon mark (Biryukov).

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