Pilgrims and tourists visiting Israel, now in the literal sense of the word can proceed to the places of pilgrimage of Jesus.

The path starts in the vicinity of Nazareth, on a mountain cliff.

“The way of Jesus is a road that displays the nature of the topography, flora and fauna of the time of Jesus. Special attention is paid to the fact that everyone can see what they saw Jesus at that time, when he went from Nazareth to Capernaum,” explains the representative of the tourism Ministry was Barking Karlin. He believes this path is not just a walking trail.

“For transportation you can use bikes or horses, mostly, the road is not difficult, all of which enjoy wonderful landscapes,” he continues.

No one knows exactly what roads Jesus walked, but the route is 65 kilometers connects places related to His life and Ministry. Along the road there are places that allow more or less time, they noted markings.

This group of Latin American Christians has gone the way of Jesus.

“The view is just wonderful. We saw the beautiful sea. All around us magnificent mountains, unique plants, and we could see the hill where Jesus spoke the sermon on the mount, – tells the head of the Oscar in Morlaix. – We are in awe of this journey. To stand on those hills and know that there really were villages. It affects the wealth of history and culture, and our faith increases when we know that Jesus may have stood on this spot”.

The path ends at Capernaum, where, as the Bible says, near the sea of Galilee was the home of Jesus.

“This is a delightful way, and I think that the Israelis, too, will appreciate it and people who will come and will be glad to receive inspiration to strengthen the faith or just enjoying the beautiful scenery,” says Carlin Barked.

Although it is the end point of the Path, but it’s not the end of the journey. You can’t walk on water, but you can take a boat and meet the sunset on the sea of Galilee.

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