Pilgrims followed the path of SVT. Macarius of Kiev in Pripyat kayaking

There was a water procession on kayaks

Water procession on the canoe was dated to 1030 anniversary of the Baptism of Rus.

In the Turov eparchy of the Belarusian Orthodox Church took place rafting on the river Pripyat “By St. Macarius, Metropolitan of Kiev”, reports the website of the BOC.

In the procession was attended by 45 people.

Prior to the alloy, all the participants of the procession gathered in the ancient city of Turov at the river Pripyat, where they set up camp and prepared the kayaks for the long journey.

Prayer under the open sky, headed by the Bishop of Turov and Mozyr Leonid. The Lord sprinkled everyone with Holy water and wished them God’s help and successful completion of the water procession.

After the common prayer and meals, all with God’s help, went on the Pripyat river. The head of the column floated a kayak with a banner of St. Macarius of the Kiev – Saint, particularly revered in the diocese of Turov.

To commemorate the end of the procession at the stele of St. Macarius, Metropolitan of Kiev, located near S. Skrygalov, Bishop Leonid was a thanksgiving service, and said a prayer to the Martyr Macarius.

Informed memory of Metropolitan Joseph (Semashko) dedicated alloy on a raft.

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