Pill for all the diseases that will be cured dad from cancer

Ivan, 31 years, before he worked as a surgeon in a hospital in Ryazan. He learned about his diagnosis 2 years ago, during the delivery of routine blood tests. Ivan diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic Ph-positive leukemia. It is very difficult to treat even the most expensive and modern methods. Ivan will only innovative treatment in China.

Ivan Uspensky

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I was afraid that at any moment die from some infection

“For two years I his illness has not yet won, but she got me, too,” Ivan tries to tell cracking. Because of another “chemistry” in his blood almost no platelets, blood does not clot, and the obvious bleeding from the nose turns into a nightmare. Plus agranulocytosis, the strongest decrease in level of white blood cells, which increases susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections.

“After the first “chemistry”, when I returned home, I was afraid that at any moment die from some infection. Now that all this has been repeated again in the tenth, were used to,” says Ivan.

Ivan to the disease

The disease manifested itself suddenly. In February 2016, Ivan passed the annual physical. “I just gave blood in his own laboratory in the hospital where he worked, he says. – I called, they said you need to retake the blood, because the analyzer does not consider some kind of mistake. I retake. When looked at with the eye, there was leukocytosis in 90 thousand. It is very much the norm to 9 thousand white blood cells. And me, with stekloprokata sent immediately to the regional hospital”.

The usual lymphocytic leukemia is about two years of chemotherapy and remission. The person is likely to live. Leukemia Ivan very rare and special. Philadelphia chromosome, detected in his bone marrow, was first discovered in Philadelphia in the 60-ies of XX century. It is considered an abnormal phenomenon. The first drug from her appeared and began to be used in the early 2000s.

Ivan Uspensky. Photo: Yuliya Gaisina

“When I found out that I have this Philadelphia chromosome, I said that in any case need a bone marrow transplant and have to take medications for at least 2 years. I said, “Well, 2 years, okay. How much is a cure worth?” – “70 thousand”. – “Mother dear! This is how much?” – “For a month.”

And then, when the drug has ceased to act, has appointed over 150 thousand. And then there was the medication for 210 thousand. And then for 300 thousand. In the end, over half a million, – says Ivan. – The essence of the disease is that the cage is damaged in some incredible way, it changes the genetic code, “intersect” chromosome, and it starts reproducing out of control. Multiply, she destroys everything around him, that is a healthy bone marrow cells”.

July 8, 2017 Ivan did a bone marrow transplant from a related donor, from sisters. Then there was the whole year a variety of “adventures”, with all the possible complications.

Ivan Uspensky. Photo: Yuliya Gaisina

“Lose weight to the condition of the skeleton, to sit and stand could not, the head 2 months was sick continuously spinning after cerebral puncture, two stomatitis, did not help even narcotic analgesics – so sick – nesabivaemie 2-3 months temperature, hemoglobin – 47 (at a rate of 137), inflammation of the esophagus, pneumonia, cough for months, photophobia,” says Ivan.

When I decided that absolutely everything is bad, want to write children some funny stories

In the beginning, when I first heard the diagnosis, Ivan realized that he needed to immediately open the collection: “Because I worked in surgery and know what the situation is… I don’t know what kind of money should be available to people to cope with cancer on their own. I asked a friend who has a lot of followers in social networks, so he helped me with this case. And he told me that just because we do not collect. Have to constantly place some kind of material. I started making posts. And when decided that it is all bad, and maybe next time I will not be released from the hospital, wanted to write children some funny stories”.

The Sons Of Ivan

Popkin has published the book “Witness of life”. To others it was not so bad when they learn that their diagnosis – leukemia.

Ivan writes easily and with humor, although in these lines a lot of pain and suffering:

“Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) gave me the coolest “airbrushing” in the form of spots, like a leopard, whole body (thank God, at least not on the face), stomatitis tooth enamel gets darker, and after the last chemo for some reason began to dry and crack the skin on the ears. So forgotten, scratch, and ears then in bloody crusts. And prove to the public that did not listen to Stas Mikhailov…

Due to GVHD of tears from the word “quite”. Man-rock: can cut onions and watch as the dying mother Bambi, is to spit (spit, too hard, not enough saliva)…

Good “chemistry” hair does not love, but an opportunity to experiment with the hair. Plus, bald, I am much more pleasant to drive: the people around immediately became calmer and softer (not otherwise bald head shines rays of goodness)!”

Ivan Uspensky. Photo: Yuliya Gaisina

“Cure for all diseases” that will cure dad

Ivan has three sons: Alex – 7 years Boy – 5 years old and he 2 years. “I was hoping kids will remember that dad ever was healthy, but even a senior thinks the Pope is always being sick, bald, and periodically in the mask. Today get up in the morning, me in the middle, a five-year Roofing, and sympathetically asked: “Dad, you feeling better?””

And yet after bone marrow transplantation Ivan hoped that I won. A whole year had hoped. But in October, the cancer came back.

Ivan with his wife and children

“Again there was tumor protein (molecular relapse). In the blood and bone marrow is more or less okay, but those foci that remained in the bones of the pelvis, will disappear not going to. On an MRI they look like tumors, but it is still leukemia, so the options to get rid of such a beautiful “Luggage” is still there. And, therefore, are treated next,” says Ivan.

Ivan graduated from the drug treatment “Inotuzumab” rate which is 4 500 000. Ivan completed three courses. But this medicine Ivan “knocked out” by the attending hematologist and included it in the research programme from the manufacturer. But then…

Then Ivan will have an innovative method of treatment. CAR T-cell therapy and again a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor.

Ivan Uspensky. Photo: Yuliya Gaisina

CAR T-cell therapy is the only chance Ivan in remission. In the United States this technique was licensed just last year, Europe is still an ongoing clinical study. CAR technology is that of the patient’s blood sample is isolated T cells (lymphocytes) in the laboratory transferred to them chimeric antigen receptor (which then “finds” the cancer cells in the patient’s body and destroys them), propagated already modified T-cells and return them “master”. The idea of technology is to “force” the patient’s own cells to fight cancer. Genetic engineer, a pioneer of the therapy CAR-T cells and the founder of immunotherapy in Oncology Michelle Sadelain and his team are applying for the Nobel prize in medicine.

CAR T-cell therapy is the newest way to fight against cancer. It is used in the United States, China and Israel and is astronomical money. In the US, for example, such treatment will cost 700 thousand dollars. Ivan is ready to hold CAR T-cell in China, but there is the treatment will still cost millions of rubles. Where to take the money, Ivan is not.


“The children of promise me a pill “all diseases”. My wife and I now really hope for a miracle… Independently collect the funds, we absolutely can not afford”, – says Ivan. Let’s help him!

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