“Please have compassion and love each other” is a Testament of Abbot Nikon (Vorobiev)

“Most do not understand Christianity. Some realized; realized that the most important thing – to compel themselves to do Christ’s commandments and repent of our shortcomings.” September 7 – the day of memory of Abbot Nikon (Vorobiev). The priest Vladislav Mishin visited the elder’s grave and memory of him read his spiritual Testament.

Abbot Nikon (Vorobiev)

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The Priest Vladislav Mishin

“Attention train! From Moscow, from the second path…” – could be heard from the speakers from the station… half a minute later the train went by, because of the noise which was poorly audible speech of a nearby person. This time I served the lity for the Abbot Nikon (Vorobyev), who is buried behind the altar of ascension Church in the city of Gagarin.

Here prayed and ministered to people, who really love to pray? What did he cross to serve next to a noisy railway…

I remembered past the summer. A few months passed, the reconstruction of the Boulevard on the street Leskova, where is our temple. Often the sounds of a jackhammer and other exotic instruments came to the ears of the most Holy moments of the service. These sounds broke into the core of worship, was forced to wince, distracting, distracted. Even had to close the Windows to give fresh air to keep yourself in the world and not be distracted.

I came to this place because for twenty years, turn to the letters of father Nikon: read by myself, suggest the interlocutors. Because the collection of a modest provincial letters of the monk hegumen Nikon (Vorobyov) was in the beginning of XXI century one of the most famous spiritual books. His letters were addressed to different people – monks and laymen. Professor of the Moscow theological Academy, Alexei Ilyich Osipov was one of the recipients and the spiritual companion of father Nikon.

Abbot Nikon (Vorobyev), and Alexey Osipov

“Most do not understand Christianity”

Here, at the grave, I read the last word of hegumen Nikon and his last will and Testament, recorded them on video.

“Dear congregation!

Abbot Nikon (Vorobiev)

For almost 15 years I have served in this temple. Undoubtedly, someone hurt, many might be unhappy with me. Now, I am going into eternity and at the grave apologize to all. I myself am extremely pleased with all the parishioners, many saw a sincere love for yourself. Thank you all and loving, unhappy, thank you all and sincerely I apologize. We bow to you, forgive me for Christ’s sake, not be evil.

Who can ever remember the repose of the soul of a sinful priest of yours.

All the time I tried sincerely to guide you on the right path. Most do not understand Christianity. Some realized; realized that the most important thing – to compel themselves to do Christ’s commandments and repent of their shortcomings and violations of the commandments, to repent always, to consider themselves unfit for the Kingdom of God, begging the Lord for mercy like the publican: “God, be merciful to me a sinner.”

Here is my dying Testament: repent, think of yourself as a publican, a sinner, beg for God’s mercy and feel sorry for each other.

Do any of you have hurt me, who hated it (was such), righteously or wrongly, may God forgive you all Lord. From a sincere heart asking that the Lord of all you have forgiven and repented, and brought to salvation.

The blessing of the Lord be with you all forever. Remember me, a sinner. Amen.”

I also read his will, left for the relatives. All will little more than ten lines. These words written by a man past Stalin’s camps.

“I beg all your friends and relatives hold firmly to the Orthodox Christian faith and to pursue to the death all efforts to the salvation of the soul through the fulfillment of the gospel commandments and frequent, at least once a year, confession of sins and Holy communion. During my life I have found solace in the most difficult circumstances and temptations fierce in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in prayer.

Please have compassion and love each other, help mutually in material and spiritual need. Where peace and love, there is God, there is joy and salvation, and the enmity and envy of the devil. Save yourselves”.

Wonderful words on the tombstone

From 1948 to 1963, Abbot Nikon was served at the ascension Church of the city of Gzhatsk. Now it is a city Gagarin of the Smolensk region. Gzhatsk was renamed in 1968 after the tragic death of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, born in the village of Klushino of Gzhatsk district.

The town is about ten kilometers from the route Moscow – Minsk. The ascension Church stands on the outskirts of the city, about three hundred meters from the railway. Immediately after the railway crossing turn right. After hundred meters because of the dense trees to the left appeared the stone gates of the cemetery and yellow-white temple.

The Church Of The Ascension

In people, the Church and cemetery was called “Tarentaise” because according to legend, in ancient times this place was a village Tarantaevo. At the end of XVI – early XVII century there was built a wooden Church in the name of St. Nicholas. In Troubled times, the temple was destroyed, the poles, the village fell into ruin – in the annals says “the forest is overgrown”. The stone Church of the ascension with the chapel of the Martyr Charalambos was built by the parishioners in 1791.

The Church was closed in 1940, many of his priests and workers were subjected to persecution. Several years passed, and during the great Patriotic war, the authorities opened the temple for worship and it is no longer closed.

Church of the ascension is surrounded by a cemetery. Behind the altar – tomb of the clergy. In different parts of the cemetery you can see ancient tombs of the stone and metal.

At the grave of father Nikon is a large white marble cross, with a mosaic image of the Savior and a lamp underneath.

On the tombstone is inscribed with the wondrous words of the spiritual will of the elder: “Please have compassion and love each other”.

Abbot Nikon (Vorobiev)

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