Pochaev city Council refused the transfer of land Pochaev Lavra

MP from the VO “Svoboda” Taras palianytsia at the meeting of the Pochaiv city Council.

A meeting of deputies was held with the active participation of representatives of “Freedom” and “Right sector”.

November 20, 2018 at the working meeting of the regular session of Pochaiv city Council deputies voted against the allocation of land to Pochayiv Lavra. A proposal to refuse to grant land in the agenda was brought by the Deputy of Pochaiv city Council from IN “Freedom” Taras palianytsia. The decision was supported by 15 members, 1 voted against, 4 abstained.

“Session Pochaiv city Council refused to free of charge transfer of land plots in Pochayiv to the Moscow Patriarchate!… 2.5 hectares of land remains a land of Pochaiv city Council,” said palianytsia after the meeting.

As it became known to the SPM from its own sources, the decision was taken in the presence of radical nationalists from “Freedom” and “Right sector”, who arrived from Ternopil to “protect the territory of the monastery from the grip of Pro-Russian monks.”

“Today at the meeting was the same picture as before, – said the source. – There arrived three buses from Ternopil – with the police, “the Right sector” and “Freedom”, which always takes an active part in these matters. Shouting that “we will not give the earth of the Moscow priests” as they usually say it”.

According to the interlocutor of the SPM, the “activists” came to the session hall during the vote, followed by MPs – who will vote. “Well, 15 members voted that the issue was blocked, the land to the monastery not to transfer. Only four deputies abstained, but the whole situation had nothing to say,” added the source.

He also said that at this meeting there was virtually no local representatives, because at previous meetings the newcomers radicals treated them very roughly, pressured, intimidated and beaten.

“Last time they (the locals – ed.) was not even given the chance to sit down somewhere ahead, something to hear – young people from Ternopil have occupied all the front seats and began to shout “Glory to Ukraine – glory to heroes”, – said the interlocutor of the SPM. – Began to act as the representatives of Freedom, began to intimidate the whole room, very mistreated by local people, beaten women, who for 80 years. We then asked them – are you Christians? “No, we’re Catholic.” Why do you we come here, why interfere? And they said, “are You religious fans””.

We will remind, last year the activists of VO “Svoboda”, “Right sector” and “National corpus” using intimidation and threats repeatedly disrupted meetings of the Pochaiv city Council, which had considered the issue of allocation of land to the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra.

As reported by the SPM, on the eve of the Ukrainian media began to spread a fake video in which supposedly a monk of the Pochaev Lavra Nicodemus offers a certain local MP a bribe. As suggested by the priest of the UOC Archpriest Gennady Shkil, fake was launched specially for the session of Pochaev of the local Council, the agenda of which included a question about the land for the monastery.

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