Poll: the Perfect woman according to the version of Christians

Edition GOD.NEWS has conducted a survey TOP5 to determine what should be the ideal woman.

Respondents men-Christians were asked to name 5 qualities that are inherent in the ideal woman. Respondents through one admitted that they met such and that certain characteristics does not describe the one that I want to go through life, but still took the job because it was interesting what happens. Surprised and geography respondents to Express their opinion came from Christians from various countries of continental and insular Europe, Asia and even North America.

Variety called qualities is striking: almost every Respondent named a unique feature. Thus, we had to group the results, and slightly generalize some points.

In fifth place TOP5, 21% of respondents named two qualities: “Happy”, which includes happy and positive thinking with optimism, and “Smart”— in saying this, men said that education, literacy and manners now demand nothing less of the rest.

Position above, namely, the fourth place is “Sincerity” with 24%.

Three leaders closes the TOP5 “Wisdom”— almost a third of respondents (29%) say that if not innate, it is given from above, and speaks of intimacy with God.

Second place, with 41% share such qualities as “Kindness,” combining in himself all virtues, generous and merciful, and “Piety”— this paragraph summarizes the characteristics of describing a Christian: so almost half of men said that without faith in God they are not your companion.

Honorary first place goes to the “Beauty” and “Loyalty”. Speaking about the exterior, the strong half of humanity has used for so many different descriptions of beauty that you can make only one conclusion: “no matter what looks the girl the Lord has made, it is important that the girl was watching their health and beauty”— according to Christian men. But speaking of loyalty, the men showed not long-winded, and stressed that “this is important”.

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