Pope Francis has appointed chairmen for the Synod on the theme of youth – Your Bible

Pope Francis has agreed to mediate in the reconciliation process, which plans the future President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador.

According to member of the transition team of Lopez Obrador responsible for reconciliation of the country, Loretta Ortiz, the Pontiff agreed to participate in the proposed administration of Lopez Obrador scheme.

As the portal Aristegui Noticias, we are talking in particular about the draft law on Amnesty and legalization of soft drugs.

“The Pope will be virtual (via Skype), he’s not coming, but he accepted (our proposal), we have to wait. It depends on his working agenda, but in General it is agreed,” said Ortiz.

The winner of the presidential election in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said after the victory that he intends to request the help of the Pope, other religious leaders and human rights activists for peace in Mexico.

Only during the election campaign in Mexico was killed 523 policy and public officials. Lopez Obrador has already said he intends to change the vector of the fight against crime with the power of social trying to solve the causes of the problems that cause violence, reports Blagovest-info.

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