Pope Francis has personally married a Swiss guardsman and employee of the Vatican museums – Your Bible

Saturday, 14 July 2018, Pope Francis led the rite of marriage, Swiss guards and the Brazilians, an employee of the Vatican museums. About the event informed through social media, the rector of the Brazilian sanctuary of Christ the Savior, the priest Omar Repose.

“Look, what a surprise! Francis is always surprising!” — wrote ecstatic Latin American priest, commenting on a photo of a young couple taken during the ceremony, reports the Week.

The wedding took place in the Church of Santo Stefano degli Abissini in the Vatican gardens. That it will be headed by the Pope himself, knew only the bride and groom: Swiss guard Luke Schafer and Brazilian Leticia Vera working in the Vatican museums. The arrival of the Pontiff on a wedding ceremony became a total surprise for the guests.

Pope Francis is not the first time blesses the marriage in the Vatican. In September 2014, something similar took place in the Basilica of St. Peter: then the sacrament of marriage did for 20 pairs. In July 2016 in the chapel House of St. Martha, where ever, since his election to the papacy, lives of the current Pontiff, Pope Francis blessed the marriage of a pair of deaf Catholics, the Press service of the Vatican.

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