Popular skateboarder Bulgaria became a youth Evangelist

Video of one of the most popular skateboarders of Bulgaria became viral. The mere fact is not surprising, it is surprising that it is based on evangelism.

Vladimir Ivanov is one of the most famous skateboarders in the country. He shook this area, becoming a professional skateboarder – Christian.

“One skeyterskie shop has competition in my hometown. They saw I was doing stunts, and invited the team. Then my dream came true,” says professional skateboarder Vladimir Ivanov about the start of their careers.

But soon Vladimir came to dependence on drugs and alcohol. Then a friend invited him to Church.

“We were in worship. Don’t know why, but I cried like a baby. I opened my eyes, and there was no one. I’ve only seen the cross. And from the cross was a wave, a tsunami. She covered me. I’m sure it was the love of Jesus Christ,” — says Vladimir.

Now Vladimir goes on Christian skate tours, sharing the gospel with skaters all over the country.

“We ride with the guys, giving them gifts. But before presenting the gift, explain why we do this. Because we love Jesus,” he says.

“It’s just amazing. They know it and exclaim: “Wow! It’s him!” Every word that he is important, because it affects their lives,” says bride Deborah Ivanova Petkova.

Ivanov agreed to become the youth pastor at the Evangelical Church in the capital, and also works with sponsors to conduct more revivals among skaters.

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