Poroshenko gave St. Andrew’s Church the Patriarchate of Constantinople

Petro Poroshenko has signed Law No. 9208 “On the use of St. Andrew’s Church National preserve “Sophia of Kiev”, according to which it is transferred to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. This is with reference to the data of the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine reports Strana.ua.


The law States that “St. Andrew’s Church National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”, which is an outstanding object of cultural heritage, architectural monument of national importance as a cult building, which is in state ownership, is donated to permanent use of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for worship, religious rites, ceremonies and processions”.

The Church of the Apostle. Of St. Andrew was built at the behest of the Russian Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in 1749-1754 years of local architects under the direction of Moscow architect Ivan Michurin in the place where, according to tradition, the Apostle Andrew during his trip to the North was erected a cross. In the design of the Church was attended by artists Ivan Vishnyakov with the students, I. Romenskiy, I. Tchaikovsky, A. Antropov.

C 1949 the stylobate of the temple housed the Kiev theological Seminary (closed in 1960). In 1968 the Church was opened for visitors as a Museum. In may 2008, the Secretariat of Viktor Yushchenko, it was decided to transfer St. Andrew’s Church with the balance of the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” schismatic “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.”

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